Author Topic: Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac, who has been exposed as a child, and/or who is allergic?  (Read 1891 times)


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I'm not comfortable yet discussing my thought process on this theory yet until I've had a bit more time to flush it out,  but I am curious if anyone has had issues with either of these in their childhood?


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I am allergic to Poison Ivy, Sumac, Oak, etc.  and I've had pretty bad reactions before
Turmeric and Rosemary 30-45 minutes before orgasm for anti-inflammatory and immune support has helped me a lot. Faster and easier than niacin approach.

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I think I was actually immune to poison ivy as a child. I've never had a problem with any of those plants.
Taking ginger tea, no wheat, fenugreek+green tea/garlic, saw palmetto, niacin, boswellia, huperzine, B complex and nutmeg. See my treatment summary post for more info: