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FOOD not a cure or a cause for POIS
« on: June 28, 2023, 12:05:45 PM »
recently i have posted my drug regime and lifestyle which helped me a lot of managing my pois, along with these efforts for years i tried to manage pois with diet and natural supplementation.

i was an elite athlete in high school i was a medium to fast pace runner for both 1000m and 5000m races this was when i was 15 - 17 years old i participated in many competitions and since then i was obsessed with power foods had a high protein diet for a couple of years and at some point i was diagnosed with a potential eating disorder cause i was very light but with a significant amount of muscle, and a dietitian for our team recommended i start eating carbs and fats to keep my joints healthy for as long as possible cause i also did long jumps so that was that.

this habit continued for a couple of years after i left school and stopped with running but rather i use to train high sprints and weight lifting at the gym until i got my first sever pois attack in the later part of my 1st college year this was when i was not able to get high value protein rich meals and i started eating junk food a lot cause i was not into cooking for myself and the routine made it so i could not find a alternative means of food from what was available to me the easiest, this change in my diet from very high protein to almost all junk very closely correlated with my first major pois attack i got addicted to porn and over a period of few months i was not able to function at all until i got home and my family helped me get through this phase.

this had me confirmed that the pois has to have some correlation with the food i ate so for the upcoming year i focused on eating healthy again and doing atleast some minor exercise if i could not do anything else, i also started to work as a programmer at this point of time so most of my time was invested in the job and i was able to control my life.

even with a healthy lifestyle and pretty clean eating the pois got worse over time so i pretty much eliminated all allergens from my life to  a point when i use to go out with my family or friends i never use to eat outside cause i sensed was developing a food addition when i was in college.

here is when i got myself into hurbel supplements and yoga i really though the stress of job was making my pois worse, so i decided to start trying out a few natural neurotropics to help me build my mental health better ginko bilboa was the first then i tried curcumin and a few other supplements like shilajit and ashvagandha for about 2 years this also did not stop my pois symptoms to get worse over time.

when i was in college my pois symptoms use to heal or get better to a point where i could function normally within a week most and by the time of end of 2019 i use to experience pois symptoms for over 2 weeks and some use to take over a month to fully heal.
this is when i realized that yes eating healthy and making sure your body is healthy is a good way to live a overall healthy life but it has no correlation at all 0 with my pois

this does not mean that it wont help you. this is just my experience of how even after being healthy to a level of competing in sports i will still get pois attacks could be severe or mild but they will always stay changing my diet or doing even more exercise ill only make my life worse and not better by any means.

eating very limited food sources made me sad and depressed even more then if i would have eaten normally. this is very important cause when i am sad or depressed pois symptoms hit harder and i wont have the mental capacity to force myself into healing from it quicker or at all at some points of my life so my 2 cents eat healthy but eat what you want ti probably will not change your pois at all rather it will make it worse, if you are not happy in your life in the first place you will not have the motivation or courage to fight pois with all your potential and stay healthy in the first place. so stay happy and stay fighting.