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Blood testis barrier
« on: April 07, 2023, 06:37:12 PM »
Hello guys , what do you think of the idea that sperms enter into blood and causes an  immune reaction ?

"Blood testis barrier is a barrier present in our testis which prevents sperms to enter into blood and lymphatic circulation. Suppose, our ?blood testis barrier? has been damaged,so now there is no barrier to prevent sperms enter into the circulation. When sperms enter into the bloodstream, immune system will be activated, immune system will destroy those antigens(sperms).And immune system will make antibody against our own sperms (antigens) . If once antibody would be made then those antibody will enter into testis and will destroy all sperms and germ cell (from which sperms form).
So,like that,same process will be processed when you inject sperm in your bloodstream.But here antibody may not enter into testis from circulation because of ?blood testis barrier?,but it is sure that antibody will form against our sperm." 
also i have a weird symtom when i ejaculate :  Gray spots appears in my lower belly ( 2cm-- 3cm ) that produces a Dandruff .
can that be related to a leak of sperms ? or leaky gut ?

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