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Have found miracle medicines for POIS
« on: October 09, 2022, 12:23:52 PM »
After years of agony caused by POIS, I think I have found some medicines that actually cure this disease. Though I have become member just before posting this topic, I had been reading this forum for years, and tried almost all the suggested cures on this site - from supplements to diet and fasting, but none of them had long noticeable effect on my symptoms.

For last three months, my life has transformed completely for good. I developed POIS at the age of 15, then my symptoms, used to last 2-3 days, now I am 30 and for last couple of years, my symptoms completely worsened. Any orgasm would make be completely bed ridden for 8-10 days, barely able to even walk around and that too with extremely bad depression and OCD despite having decent diet and lifestyle. Even outside POIS cycle, I had very low self esteem, OCD, depression(not to the extent of POIS) and Premature ejaculation.

 I have got my self esteem back, remain stable mentally whole day and even after orgasm, I feel fine and can focus and complete my work. Just yesterday, I had couple of orgasms, and I am writing this with no symptoms altogether.

My parents were so worried about me, seeing me going lunatic, as one day I had almost hit my mother in POIS state. now she has started noticing the improvement and she often comments that I have become normal.

The medicines that I am sharing are not from conventional modern medicines, so if you are not open to other systems of healing then this post may not help you.

Biochemic system of medicines has been approved by WHO as a complementary system of healing. It follows the principle that body needs to have sufficient balance of 12 inorganic salts and most chronic diseases develop due to 
an imbalance of these salts in the body. It is different from modern medicine that it does not work on the principle of replacement of the minerals but rather uses potentized form of minerals, similar to homeopathy i.e converting them into potential energy, which when administered, body starts the healing process on its own. These come in the power of 3x and 6x in which original substance remains in the medicine in small quantity (unlike higher power in homeopathy which is ultra diluted) but at the same time it is potentized to make the body healing start.

Each person is different and self-prescribing of medicines, should not be done but I think what works for one should also work for many others, if not everyone because we may be suffering from some sort of common imbalance as we all suffer common symptoms.  Due to deficiency of certain organic or inorganic compounds, our body does not have enough resources to regenerate sperm cells after orgasm, so it releases inflammatory chemicals, to make us feel depressed and fatigued - so we can take rest and body can use the resources to make semen again. During this time, as the body is resource starved, it further dissolves muscle mass to free resources and further slows down digestion which requires a lot of energy. As body is lacking energy, it craves high calorie foods and craving for junk food is very common for many POISers and if Junk foods is taken during this period, body feels better for
few hours but from next day onwards, fatigue and irritability further worsens as body does not filter the toxins properly when in POIS state. You might not feel bad effects of food, if your POIS state have not deteriorated a lot till now but as you age, symptoms are likely to worsen and you might start noticing a lot of food sensitivity.

Along with Biochemic salts I also used couple of homeopathy medicines that I have listed below, that had profound effect on my overall health. I can understand using homeopathy would sound so silly to most of you. I used to be the same and would have tried rather witchcraft than use homeopathy, but one day in POIS state, I was behaving as a maniac and my father gave me a drop of some homeopathic medicine and within seconds, I became calm and slept. Next day I thought , this could be a placebo, but every time since then , I got the hysteria attack, that medicine made me relax completely. I realized why homeopathy, despite its unscientific theory and all negativity around is a billion dollar business and is growing each day.
You can be skeptic like me but if you take these medicines and if these medicines match with your personality, you should see immediate results within 15 days. Just try below medicines for a month and stop if you see no improvement. These dont carry any side effect and are dirt cheap. These will hardly cost 8-10 dollar a month.

Try to use a good German brand. I use Reckeweg brand as from others I did not get good results. Reckeweg should be available in most of the countries. They are world famous for their quality. if not then you can order from Amazon.

Biochemic 16(Nervous exhaustion) 4-6 tablets daily at interval of 4 hours
Thyroidinum 3x 4 tables twice (Take it even if you dont have thyroid issues. This does not have any side effects and symptoms of POIS is very similar to Hypothyroid and homeopathy works on principle of matching symptoms)
Reckeweg R 41(Sexual Neurasthenia drops) (15-20 drops in water 3-4 times daily)

I know people may comment to not self medicate but since not many doctors have idea, how to heal this disease, we need to do some research and hit and trial to see if something works. If these medicines, work to some extent for you, then you can work with some good homeopathy doctors in your area to wipe this disease from its root, but you need to be very lucky to find good homeopathy doctors.

I wish you all complete recovery from this life crippling illness. If you have tried these medicines for a month, please do comment ,if this helped you in any way or not.


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Re: Have found miracle medicines for POIS
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2022, 05:57:36 AM »
Hi Wisesoul
I can't be more thankful for this post and happy that Homeopathy works for you.
Homeopathy is already a very popular mode of treatment here in India. Not sure from which country you are. I have been on homeopathic treatment for 4-5 months now and in the past also I have taken Homeopathic meds on and off. But the thing is I don't know which medicines I have been taking since doctors here pour the liquid over the sugar ball and give it in a generic bottle. I'll immediately suspend my current medicines and switch to the ones you mentioned here.

I had a few questions for you- What were your symptoms in POIS? Did you get it with Precum as well? Do you have Nocturnal Emissions as well and do you get the same symptoms from them? And have you been in a relationship and how are the symptoms are same for you when done with a partner?

My condition also started around the age of 15 and now I am almost 25- This condition has affected all areas of my life. The fatigue and foggy head are getting so frustrating day by day. Even if I stay on abstinence I'll get Nocturnal Emission at least once a week and I fall back into the vicious cycle again.


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Re: Have found miracle medicines for POIS
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2022, 05:41:23 AM »
My symptoms were very extreme. As in your case, I used to get nightfall every couple of weeks and one nightfall would bring chronic fatigue and depression till next nightfall episode. I used to remain bed ridden for most of the days. Mental symptoms were also deteriorating.

Yes precum would make me extremely irritable and weak for couple of days and I used to get moderately less symptoms while sex than nightfall or masturbation. Nightfall being the worst.

Apart from these, I used to have premature ejaculation like I would ejaculate in couple of seconds during sex. My erections were also not very strong. Only I used to get morning wood that too not daily and during sex, 9/10 times , I used to not get proper erections . These things remained same since I was 17 till I got cured at 30. Doctors had tested my testesterone 4-5 times and everytime it used to be around 350 over last 10 years.

Now things have completely changed for me. Now my testerone level for past few months has been over 700. I am getting erections spontaneously even while working like I used to get in teens. Premature ejaculation has been cured completely. Last Few sex, have been very fulfilling.

For symptoms after ejaculation, now I completely recover in a day. Even at the ejaculation day, I can manage all my office work . What a blessing it has been, otherwise I would have got a divorce had I got married.

Homeopath is just miracle. Really don't know why people are not ready to even try it.

Out of all the three medicine
Reckweg R-41 is the most potent one to increase sexual potency. You will feel the difference in a month time. Your libido will increase significantly
I don't know if it is available in your country or not, if not try placing order from their German website.
Take 15-20 drops in some water and take after every hour till you start noticing some effect. For full effect please try to use till atleast 3 months. If it doesn't work for you, then just leave

Biocombination 16( Nervous exhaustion) will significantly help with mental symptoms. Whenever I start panicking, I take few globules and within seconds, it relaxes me. Also take it daily 3-4 times

Thyroidinum 3x will help with overall energy levels.

I still get nightfall since my libido has increased a lot but it doesn't cause problems in my daily life.
I will suggest you to not eat spicy food and meat ,especially before bed time. Have very light dinner free from oil and spices. It should help in reducing the frequency.

For others also, please try these medicines for atleast 3 months
I am sure most of you will get relief from most of your symptoms. Homeopathy is not placebo . It works on soul dimension and not physical one and is atleast 1000 years ahead till modern science really finds how homeopathy really works.
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Re: Have found miracle medicines for POIS
« Reply #3 on: November 29, 2022, 01:35:17 PM »
No respect here for homeopathy becuse it is considered as
a fake medicine.

As pois and cfs complitly destoryed my life, i would try
enything in future if it is not harmfull.