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New sinus and nasal polyp treament
« on: July 28, 2022, 09:00:00 PM »
Hey guys, one of my many terrible POIS symptoms has always been sinus problems. In 2008 I got bad nasal polyps that blocked my sinuses. So in 2009 I had them removed surgically. In 2016 they started growing back and blocked my nose completely by end of 2017. I tried everything, every type of spray, steroids, antibiotics, no name it.

In 2020 the 1st ever FDA drug was approved for chronic rhinitis with nasal polyps. I finally got it prescribed and got my 1st shot yesterday. I heard some amazing miracle stories about it helping people avoid surgery. Since 2020 3 other drugs got approved for the same thing. So just mentioning it if anyone here every has sinus problems. Not easy to get because it?s expensive and insurance companies don?t pay for it so easily.
POIS sufferer for over 3 decades. Has progressively gotten worse over the years and I became completely disabled around 2011. My case of POIS is very severe.