Author Topic: Change in strategy: Prioritising improving gut instead of avoiding food triggers  (Read 1631 times)


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Hey all. Just a quick update on a significant change I've recently made to how I'm managing my condition.

Gut issues have long been a prominent part of my symptom set. (See my case report linked below.) Lately, after doing some reading and testing, I've come to wonder whether it may even be a primary cause rather than "just" a symptom.

With that in mind, I've started actively looking for and consuming food and supplements that should help build up my gut lining and gut microbiome.


* Gut-friendly plant ingredients like onion, garlic, chick peas, oats, carrots, almonds etc
* Apple cider vinegar
* Sauerkraut
* Less meat. In fact I'm not eating meat at all for a while, to see if it changes my gut microbiome

Current supplements:

* Chlorella
* Zinc
* Berberine
* L-Glutamine (powder)
* Collagen
* Ashwagandha; Stress is also an issue for me, which has a proven correlation with gut problems

It's a bit early still, but I think this has led to an improvement in symptoms for me. Will continue in this vein and see how I do. I really want to try Mastic Gum as well, but can't find it here in Norway yet.
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i am glad that you have found some relief to your POIS, Clues!
Keep us updated in the coming months on how it goes with your new approach.
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Thanks a lot, Quantum!

It's a bit hard to pinpoint exactly what I'm doing that's helping the most, as I'm taking multiple measures simultaneously. In addition to the above, I'm also doing Wim Hof (again -- gave it up for a while, but have found a way to make it work) and trying to get as much exercise as I can without triggering symptoms too much.

I'll stick to my present course for a while and report back in a few months.


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That is an astute observation.  About 'histamine intolerance' short term solution maybe avoiding food triggers, but long-term should be improving gut.  What is your L-Glutamine dosage and any observations after taking Glutamine?
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I'm taking 5 grams per day, in powder form, on an empty stomach. Since I'm taking multiple measures -- not just nutrition, but exercise and lifestyle stuff as well -- I have no clue how much the L-Glutamine helps in particular.

Btw, I've been referred to a gastroenterologist. My GP has not found any abnormal biomarkers related to malabsorption etc, but hopefully the gastroenterologist can take a more detailed look.

EDIT: Also, btw, I'm really thin at the moment, to the point where family and friends are expressing concern. I'm 187 cm and 68-70 kg, which is the lowest I've been as an adult. I'm eating until I'm full each meal and AFAIK I have a balanced and healthy diet. But I'm struggling to put on weight. Perhaps another indication my gut isn't working as it should?
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