Author Topic: POIS symptoms that last many months  (Read 336 times)


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POIS symptoms that last many months
« on: February 11, 2021, 04:07:05 AM »

when I read about POIS, I fall out because POIS symptomes should last 3-7 days and desapeare with no reason.

My first round of POIS symptoms was 3 years long, than I learned to end them with excercise. Since then they were 1-7 days long. After that I had one 1 year long symptom, one that lasted 9 months and now I am ending 2 month lasting symptom. When I ejaculate I get symptoms that will last forever if I don't end them with excercise. If i have intence excercise they desapeare like POIS symptoms should and if I don't excercise they last forever and are becoming worse every day until I don't get some kind of damage in my nervus center.

My symptoms are:

- Severe neurophatic pain in testicles, groin and restless syndrome in sorounding muscles
- Extreme heat I feel all over my body
- When I read, heat waves shoots threw my body and make neurophatic pain in testicles and groin very sharp.

If this is not POIS, what is it then?
Could I have Multiple Sclerosis?

Urologists said nothing is wrong wit me...