Author Topic: Do you feel sexually attracted to females you know, your friends,co workers etc?  (Read 1647 times)


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I try to fight it, but I can become totally obsessed, especially if I didn't have O for a long period of time, which I usually do to avoid POIS of course.
I am also that artistic type, I love female look, so I can not stop imagining how they look naked, usually their nipple shape or color :-X I know it sounds weird, but it can be very obsessive. I am also curious could it be related to some POIS depression, or something.

There are more examples, but here is one, I more then sometimes sometimes can not stop thinking about married friend of mine. It even affect me to level that I can have normal conversation with her because my heart starts to beat like crazy, and get lost and confused. But it is not like I want to be with them in relationship or to connect emotionally, I feel it is more sexual urge, and weird sense of addiction.

Any similar experiences and how to overcome that ?
I generally noticed that females do not react well on this kind of attraction towards them.
no sugar diet helps me a tiny bit, also makes my mind much calmer in general. Sugar is definitely something my body does not handle well. Also I noticed that other inflammations like a hangover are better since I quit sugar. I avoid sweet fruits as well.