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My case is too bizarre
« on: November 09, 2018, 08:58:10 PM »
I had a suspicion I had this when a chinese doctor said so years ago.  I refrained from sex for awhile it seemed to work until I caved.  Then tried again and it didn't work.  Recently after describing my symptoms one of the admins here said my symptoms fit well.  So I tried again.  I waited 9 days, no improvement.  Then caved with the wife. 

Next day I felt horrible, 2nd day after I felt better then I have in years.  3rd day it came back, crushing fatigue.  So I tried again.  Once again after 8 or 9 days I said to hell with this, and caved again.  Same exact thing.  Next day felt even worse.  2nd day felt cured again!  3rd day started to return..  What on earth is up with this.  Anyone?