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Re: Prostatitis - revisited
« Reply #20 on: June 15, 2019, 11:54:30 AM »
Hi Thrustthedprocess, is there new information on antibiotics you used for pois- Azithromycin (Z-Pak), is it still sussceful theraphy?

I tested again visual excitement
30min lasting (no masturbating, sex)
after about 20 days of abstinence.
The result is always - the pain as if the needle points to the prostate, small red dots under the ayes, facial change ..
Not full blown away like from ejaculation but it is in beggining.

For me, till now, infection theory is the only logicall exsplanation to date.
(If antibiotics working for you, then it is infection)

During an arousing, fluid excange in the gland starts, that induce underlaying infection.
Some kind of infection like lyme (or some other), then immune suppression, then cytokine storm --- and that lead to POIS.

For now I'm suspecting on Lyme,
becuse, all my resarching about POIS and my symptomes,  all that lead to susspicios on lyme infection and coinfections (bartonela and babesia).

I will make my new fresh tread about lyme, a hawe new hypotesis wich
explanating my virus theory,
and even vagus nerve lyme infection.

Antibiotics working can also point to an inflammatory condition, doesn't have to be an infection.


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Re: Prostatitis - revisited
« Reply #21 on: March 29, 2020, 09:56:23 PM »
Out of all the theories of POIS, I have spent the most time considering the possibility of an allergic reaction to sperm.  After much consideration, I believe it is possible, but very unlikely and not the cause of POIS.  The body does create an antibody to sperm, recognizing it as a pathogen, and does cause polyclonal B cell activation (typically seen in autoimmune diseases) creating antibody clones for approximately 18 epitopes on sperm.  The specific antibody made varies among people, and some do cross react with other epitopes in the body.  "However, there is no association between chronic inflammatory or infectious diseases of the male reproductive tract and the presence of antisperm antibody in semen."  (PMID: 18715698)

Therefore I believe the much simpler explanation for POIS is a long term infection of the prostate, known as chronic bacterial prostatitis.  This is a rare but widely recognized problem in urology, and is very hard test for.  In my last posts I recognized this as the issue, but was unable to explain how the bacteria leaked through the blood-prostate barrier, and why POIS symptoms are not usually associated with chronic bacterial prostatitis.  Now I have come up with a reasonable theory to address this problem.

I believe that neurogenic bladder is the added link that transforms chronic bacterial prostatitis into POIS.  This is nerve weakness that affects the urinary tract, a result of damage due to viruses, alcoholism, diabetes, vitamin B12 deficiency (full list:  Neurogenic bladder can cause a condition known as retrograde ejaculation.  During orgasm, muscles at the end of the bladder neck tighten to prevent retrograde flow of semen.  When the nerves that control this contraction are weak, some semen (mixed with infected prostatic fluid) flows into the bladder.  This causes urine after orgasm to appear cloudy, while normally it should be clear.  The primary receptor that controls the contraction of the bladder neck is the alpha 1 adrenergic receptor, therefore drugs that are agonists of this receptor like pheneylephrine should reduce the degree of retrograde ejaculation and POIS symptoms.  I've had great success with this widely available drug lately, and it only takes 30-40 mins to reach peak concentration.

Neurogenic bladder can also cause another condition known as vesicoureteral reflux, or the backward flow of urine from the bladder to the kidneys.  This happens because of increased pressure in the bladder, which can be reduced with muscaranic antagonists (such as Benedryl).  The bacteria then colonizes up the ureter into the kidneys, known as an ascending infection, impairing renal function.  Keep in mind the kidney's are responsible for filtering toxins out of the blood, so this causes you to feel like you're dying, and gives the bacteria the perfect entry system to the bloodstream.  The only way to help this is to drink water, which can be unplesant as bacteria in the kidney and bladder both cause frequent urination.

Once the bacteria hit the bloodstream a systemic inflammatory response occurs, causing mast cell activation, a cytokine storm, and lymphocyte activation.  The best way to prevent this is with mast cell stabilizers and anti-inflammatories.  If the bacteria is extracellular (does not have the capacity to survive the intracellular environment, as I think most bacteria involved in POIS are) then it will induce a Th17 immune response.  Th17 cells are incredibly important as they are strongly pro-inflammatory, and have been implicated in the pathogenesis of many inflammatory and autoimmune conditions.  Th17 cells also directly correlate with glutamate levels (possible effector mechanism), which can cause excessive activation of NMDA receptors, an important process known as NMDA excitotoxicity.  This process can kill neurons and is implicated in many neurodegenerative disorders, and likely most of the neurlogical symptoms of POIS.    Best way to prevent this is to first take supplements that reduce Th17 cells (, second block NMDA receptors with supplements such as zinc and magnesium, or third increase Regulatory T cells (

I really like this theory. I have an upcoming appointment with a urologist and will ask about bacterial prostatitis. I know I have some prostate symptoms sometimes if I abstain from orgasm for too long. A congested dull ache feeling. Not sure if that's normal. I'm wondering if emptying the prostate more often will aid in clearing the infection. I plan to take garlic a few times a day as an antibiotic, as well as curcumin for the inflammation, and possibly quercetin as well. I also will try to increase my orgasm frequency. I already take pseudoephedrine before orgasm in Allegra-D which should help keep semen out of the bladder by tightening the bladder neck. This has been my best treatment.


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Re: Prostatitis - revisited
« Reply #22 on: July 09, 2020, 11:33:15 PM »
Yeah I get a little bit of a fever.  If I've learned anything from all these years of POIS research though, it's don't focus on one just one symptom and try to make conclusions based on that.

Even with high tech scientific equipment and statistical methods, studies often struggle to come to definitive conclusions.  Our perspectives and methods are often limited, and therefore science is often limited as well.

My cluster of symptoms seems to be fairly unique from things I have read, I'm not sure if what works on me will work on anyone else.  If I can give some advice though, focus on the clusters, not individual symptoms.  Try different things, make sure you use them effectively, and if they don't work move on to the next cluster.  Make sure you paying attention to any adverse effects though, even if you feel better overall.

The best treatment I've ever tried was the antibiotic Azithromycin, which is why I believe POIS to be some type of infection.  I tried it after reading about someone else that had great success with Penicillin, which is broad spectrum and can penetrate to the prostate, so I don't appear to be alone.  The antibiotic I tried is also a strong anti-inflammatory, however it gave me better relief of symptoms than Prednisone, so my conclusion was that anti-inflammatories gave symptom relief by dangerously suppressing the essential immune reaction that I believe POIS to be.  I don't want to scare anyone, so I won't go into details, but realize anti-inflammatories can be very dangerous long term, especially for us if I'm right about my prostatitis theory (

Hi TTP - What is the latest update on this theory ? Any proper treatment plan that you guys got? Also did you guys try any pyschiatric medication still now? Did it work?
Is any one suffering from CFS which gets aggravated by POIS?


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Re: Prostatitis - revisited
« Reply #23 on: July 11, 2020, 10:14:52 AM »
Hey trusttheprocess, like 15yrsAndCounting, I'm also curious on your progress with POIS. You mentioned having some success with Azithromycin, did that help long term? And what was your dosage/duration of treatment?

I'm thinking of trying antibiotics but I'm wary of side effects, many POISers report getting worse after antibiotics. I may have prostititis possibly or some other untreated infection. My penis has inflammation and hurts after ejaculations.
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