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After leaving the relationship for whatever reason, does orgasm with a different person give the same symptoms?

Masturbation or nocturnal emission isn't even quarter as bad as orgasm with my woman. She has complex about me having POIS because she believes it could be half her fault, the POIS.


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Thanks for posting that, Limitbreaker. It's an interesting question.
10 years of significant POIS-reduction, treatment consisting of daily (365 days/year) testosterone patches.

TRT must be checked out carefully with your doctor due to fertility, cardiac and other risks.

40+ years of severe 4-days-POIS, married, raised a family, started/ran a business


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Hi Limitbreaker, different women or different ways of achieving orgasm so far did not influence the severity of my symptoms.

Do you orgasm more than once during sex? Are there differences in orgasm intensity between sex and masturbation/NE? Maybe other factors play a role: using a condom, physical exertion, possibility she has a vaginal infection? 


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Heads up: this is a really long post, but I've had a lot of insight during writing it, I think it's worth your time. There is no TL;DR.

Usually I orgasm just once. Sometimes I also orgasm the next day and that's it for some time.

She had vaginal infection long time ago, not anymore. We also use a condom.

Physical exertion factor is a good point, however oral sex or some man-barely-moves position can be just as bad as penetrative sex.

There is definitely a difference between sex and masturbation/NE, though. My intention is not to brag; sex can be mindblowing, as in: I get a very "high" feeling off it. I've tried many regular drugs and it's a mind-altering experience. I'd say we're both addicted to sex, moreso the act itself than just orgasm. The orgasms though can be ranging from average to very intense, however I rarely get weak orgasms because of the buildup the sex does.

Masturbation is pleasurable, but I do it primarily for the release when I am too stressed. I also edge during masturbation, but even if masturbation is longer than sex, say 20 vs 10 minutes, the sex orgasm is still significantly more intense than masturbation, sometimes it is weak but it's rare and the POIS is still worse after a weak sex orgasm than the best masturbation orgasm. My guess is that it is because of the hormones that are released during sex, as opposed to just masturbation. I think also that most men consider sex way better than masturbation because sex satisfies both physical need of an orgasm as well as psychological need of "acquiring"/"possessing"/"winning" a woman.
For me, the psychological satisfaction I get from sex is just so many levels better than just satisfying the physical need that I rather seek sex with my woman than masturbate. I do the latter only when I absolutely feel that it is a better decision than for example waiting for my woman (sometimes we don't meet often enough for that). Otherwise I abstain, better fun later 'cause one needs sex anyway.

Worth noting is that when one decides to masturbate, I wait until the very last moment with the decision because I want to keep myself POIS free for the longest time. And that's why my questions arised, because I had a situation lately where, check this out: I had no sex for about a week or week and a half; I felt the stress rising and I had a lot, lot of energy. I was also very pissed at everybody, which to me always indicates that my testosterone is getting up and up (my POIS is hormonal).
Then, there was a day when I was really, really pissed. I couldn't control it. The very evening I thought I should masturbate to relieve the stress, but I thought I'd give it just one more day. After falling asleep that night, I had a nocturnal emission. I almost always wake up after having those, so it was that night. Cleaned up, went to bed, woke up like an hour later feeling like I have to masturbate. I knew it would take me some time to calm myself and go to sleep without releasing, so I masturbated and went to sleep.
Then I had another nocturnal emission later, the same night. What the fuck, I asked?

I should have waited with the question though, because the most interesting mystery was that, after 3 orgasms I didn't feel that much worse the next 2-3 days. After that night, the day was... Good. I felt some symptoms, but they were nowhere as strong, maybe 1/3rd or 1/4th. I'd say they were equal to a day 7-8 after a sex-orgasm.

So, I don't get the same symptoms after NE/masturbation as I do after orgasm. Ranging from most severe to most benign symptoms, I'd rate this as follows: sex, masturbation, NE. Severity, I'd rate them 100%, 30% and 15%, respectively.

This event happened to me during the end of my last BPC-157 cycle, substance that I've mentioned in one of my other threads, it makes the body regenerate faster. This is not to say that it was completely BPC-157's "fault", because I've noticed this about masturbation and NE before I delved into this peptide. The phenomenon was just really extrapolated during the cycle. I barely felt like I just had 3 orgasms. That day I've only knew I was sick just because of my previous experiences with POIS. A person who had never had POIS before would never make the connection between the feeling he had on such day and the fact that he had 3 emissions the night before, even if happened repeatedly.

Masturbation leads to stronger feelings in-before orgasm than NE. And sex leads to even stronger feelings in-before orgasm, or in-between orgasms. In a whatever relationship you get the psychological arousal, the whole "play", touching, thinking, texting, talking, watching, et cetera; in between sex acts themselves. This contributes to how I intensively I perceive the next sex encounter in a great manner. Comparetively, I never fantasize about solo masturbation - it is always sex with a woman; masturbation just happens but once I'm into it, I choose to be into it 100%, which leads me to another point. Nocturnal emissions are literally just orgasms for me. There is no conscious thought involved like in sex, but there is also no anticipation of orgasm like in masturbation, at least not taking nearly as much time. Masturbation takes 10-15 minutes for me, a nocturnal emission dream (side fact: even when I don't remember my whole dream, I always get lucid in a dream when sex shows up!) lasts... I don't know, 10 seconds? A dream is a normal dream, then there's like a switch and a sex encounter happens, there's a quick orgasm. From the moment the dream gets sexual to the moment of orgasm it takes at most 20 seconds, usually shorter.

So you can see an obvious correlation here:

The strongest POIS symptoms are gotten after an orgasm during sex, and for that kind of orgasm there is a period of anticipation & fantasy (and abstination) of even 2 weeks. This is also the most intense and emotional experience.
The mediocre POIS symptoms are gotten after masturbation, which I can sometimes anticipate maybe 1-2 days before. I can go on without orgasm for 10+ days though, so it's not a matter of abstinence as abstinence times are the same for all. This is a somewhat intense experience and is also somewhat emotional.
The weakest POIS symptoms are gotten during nocturnal emission. There is identical abstinence in-before, however there is no anticipation and no fantasy, the act is the shorterst and the pleasure is almost exclusively physical. I used not to cheat over my woman in dreams but I no longer have that rule. There is little novelty though as those women are usually met in the dreams like a minute ago and their faces are often unseen.

I know that dreams are a very important part of our psyche, I'd say that they're not part of, they are our psyche as much as our waking life is.

Last but not least I have a very serious case of involuntary kegels, I learned that during my drug endovenours. I clench my pelvic floor often during sex and I have zero control over it, this hurts the endurance and fun. The "very serious" part of my case is that instead of spontaneous erections (which were gone for a long time until very recently) I sometimes get spontaneous serie of kegel muscle spasms, very strong and completely uncontrollable. There should be another thread for that, I wonder if anyone else has this. This starts even before I get an erection, continues for a couple minutes, then subsides spontaneously. I always try to relax myself when I notice it.

I'm mentioning this because these kinda "random" spasms, from what I've read and understood of medicine studies, can actually send signals to the body and the brain, doing who knows what. I think restoring my kegel floor balance by doing reverse kegels (the "pushing"/"relaxing" kegels) could help my POIS.

I hope this is helpful for you.


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I'm looking for a relationship But it is very rare.


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I have slept with over 50 different women maybe closer to 100 and My POIS is the same after all of them. Only 5 of them have been long-term relationship. 3 of them lasting 2 years of more. No difference in my illness at all. And no difference with masterbation
POIS sufferer for over 3 decades. Has progressively gotten worse over the years and I became completely disabled around 2011. My case of POIS is very severe.

uhtred sonof

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My symptoms are worse with the emotional intensity of the experience as well. For me, masturbation can be worse (in terms of POIS) than sex with a woman if I look at certain kinds of extremely stimulating porn.

Can't speak to NE as I don't have them.


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In my case I can say 100% that POIS symptoms are worse after having sex - even niacin is not completely effective. Moreover, I am not the only one who have noticed this. Self-estimulation and NE's  cause a less severe POIS (though not really by much, their effects are not noticeable if I take niacin beforehand).