Author Topic: Day 47 on No Fap! But had wet dream on day 47! and post-fap depression returns w  (Read 7214 times)


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Hey guys,

I was well into No Fap Day 47 with resisting PMO... didn't fap off even once in those 47 days... and BAM! At on Day 48 I get a wet dream at 8am in the morning. I thought it wouldn't affect me at all cause I hadn't masturbated to porn. However, that day I felt fine. Day 2 the mind-fogginess and reduced cognitive ability started to come in a bit. Day 3-6 were the worst when severe depression kicked in... It was definitely less than normal PMO, but still extremely high level... It took about 6 days to recover. Is this suppose to happen?

Or is this just a process of my brain recovering? And as I get more and more wet dreams I will get reduced symptoms?

What do you guys think? Please share your thoughts and experiences.


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Hello Auzzie! Welcome to POIS forum

47 days is  a pretty good achievement.

My POIS symptoms are much less in Length and Strength after a nocturnal emission than a nromal orgasm, Its even hard to compare between them. So, I never had an experience similar to yours.

We still have extremely limited knowledge on POIS so I'm not sure If I (or anyone) can explain WHY this happened to you. My opinion is to keep avoiding masturbation till you have another Nocturnal Emission and see if the symptoms are the same as the you had in this one.

However, You can check the successfully tried treatments in other sections (If you haven't done this already) and ask for research papers from moderators  if you want to know how far scientific research has gone with POIS.

Best regards,
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@ Dr. Meha. thanks for your response. Comparing wet dreams and PMO, I definitely have less symptoms from wet dreams.

However, I have heard several people saying the more wet dreams you get, the less days it will take for you to recover as you get more and more wet dreams? Like people have reported 1-2 days recovery for wet dreams symptoms?

@Prancer. I have heard a lot of people saying that as you get more wet dreams, you recover quicker. How long does it take you to recover from wet dreams?

ANd really as you get more wet dreams, you always take the same amount of days to recover from symptoms?