El Mundo, Spanish Newspaper Interviews one of our Members
by: Daveman

El Mundo, a newspaper in Spain with a daily distribution just short of that of the New York Times, made headlines on their WEB Page with a report on POIS, and which included two of our very own members. More and more POIS is becoming recognized as a real and serious problem. The interview was initiated as a result of a previous interview held with one of the same members and ABC Australia, which was also viewed in much of Europe.

Help Spread the News!
by: Pep López

I am writing in the name of a small group of people who suffer a syndrome known as Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS).

At this very moment, we are coordinating a small group to work in the dissemination of the word about POIS. This we intend to do 1). via public communications media, which has already begun internationally on major networks and 2). at the level of the medical investigation community.

We have created the following blogs (in English and in Spanish), which reunite all the information that exists at this moment in respect to this theme:


It would be very much appreciated as well if anyone reading this could inform of any steps to be taken to reach interested investigators in the medical community, as we are aware of very little investigation in this area on an international level dedicated to POIS, and very little is actually known in scientific literature.

I would very much appreciate if you could answer this plea, as we are making a great effort at this moment to reach as many individuals and channels of exposure as possible.

Thank you very much!