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To what extent does Cowper's fluid (or pre-cum) cause POIS symptoms?

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Hi there,

I'm new to this forum, and extremely grateful for discovering it! I'm a British national based in Argentina, living with POIS. I'm 35 years old and have had POIS since adolescence.
Amazingly, you might think, I have only recently discovered I have it. The reason quite simply is that, what with either masturbating or having sex or (less often) having wet dreams pretty much every or every other day of my life since puberty, I've effectively been mired in POIS perpetually, making me think POIS symptoms were an unalterable part of my reality. My symptoms are mainly cognitive, including, most harmfully, brain fog that crushes my intellect and makes me generally and socially anxious and irritable and depressed. The tremendous joy of finally discovering what's wrong with me is tempered by unbelievable frustration and regret at not making the connection earlier, and I wonder just how many other men (and women) are similarly advised to take up counselling, SSRIs etc when POIS is the root of the problem. Never mind.

Now that I've finally discovered that masturbating is rather unwise, and that taking 100mg niacin 1 hour prior to orgasm significantly lowers POIS symptoms - an absolute godsend for which I'm infinitely grateful to this forum - I'm practicing a form of abstinence where I attempt to have sex or masturbate only once a week. In the intervening period I tend to get aroused, and find it hard to suppress this process of arousal. I'm able to avoid ejaculations outright but not necessarily the onset of pre-cum. I wanted to know to what extent, if any, others on the forum feel that pre-cum leads to POIS symptoms, albeit reduced ones. Does the mere process of getting aroused - say by casually looking at porn without masturbation - lead to reduced (but perhaps not negligible?) levels of POIS. Any comments or advice on this would be very helpful. I myself feel that pre-cum does not spark POIS, at least not significantly, but I'm so anxious of putting a foot wrong right now that I'd appreciate others' views.

I'm extremely grateful for having discovered this site. Keep up the good work. Unfortunately I'm not currently in a good position financially to make any donation to future research, but will let you know if and when this might change.


to me, pre-cum contributes to a plus minus 50% Pois session.

Vincent M:
Pre-ejaculate doesn't cause symptoms for me. Although recently if I have a masturbation session that lasts multiple hours I will begin to feel a fast-onset deep despair that can be lifted by orgasm, perhaps because I almost always fall asleep or become so brain-fogged that I have no ability to think or remember. However my normal POIS symptoms don't include sadness so I suspect this just to be a depletion of neurotransmitters that is caused by prolonged sexual arousal.

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By abstaining myself from O with normal frequency for more than ? year, I became very sensitive to any form of sexual arousal...I thought it was pre-cum at first but it's not...it can be just thinking about sex or morning erection.

Th? more I abstain myself, th? more i become exposed to POIS symptoms trigered by somethink linked to sexual arousal


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