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I'm currently 23 ,  i'm afraid to get in a relationship for the obvious reasons, i'm having trouble trying to find a job that suites my condition , am also having problems writing about this in details currently because of pois

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All i can say to you is that the remedies to alleviate the symptoms that i have found here have allowed me to enter in a relationship; this would have been impossible if i wouldn´t find this page. I wish you the best.  :)


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   To collect personal summaries and histories regarding POIS.

* Eeach summary should have only one post
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Do you have a suggested format for each summary?  I think all of us should do this, so we have a complete record of our condition.

Hi Guys,

Intro:  I’ve had POIS for about the last 6 – 7 years. I’m 26 now and since graduating from university I’ve become more interested in diagnosing and finding a cure for this disorder, as it’s become something of a barrier to my professional development. I’m sure many of you can relate. My symptoms have been pretty intense for the past few years as I generally have a very active libido and spent much of them orgasm-ing once or twice a day. Fortunately, my symptoms aren’t especially severe – I have fairly intense “brainfog” and fatigue but very little in the way of pain, insomnia, swelling, etc. It takes me about 4 days to recover from orgasm.


Cognitive issues: I’m a very intellectually engaged dude and regularly participate in the sorts of activities that typically allow one to develop a strong memory (reading, analysis, writing, some puzzles, etc.) but for years have had trouble remembering JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING. This problem is especially severe for me: I used to have trouble remembering things as simple as my birthday, what my “life story” is, or what I was saying/thinking of a few seconds ago. When suffering from POIS I also have a lot of trouble recalling the correct words and organizing my thoughts – which is a huge problem because my writing ability is really my only marketable skill. In turn, the difficulties I’ve had thinking have made me somewhat socially anxious, as it’s hard for me to recall the sorts of things that make for normal and interesting casual conversation when suffering from intense brainfog.  This anxiety is reduced by about 70% when I’m able to think clearly – when I’m not under POIS, that is.

Fatigue: When suffering from POIS I lack motivation completely and performing the most basic mental functions wears me out. (I’m especially interested in this symptom, as it (-- like many of my cognitive-related symptoms --) doesn’t go away entirely even once POIS has subsided, which leads me to think that I may have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and that POIS exacerbates the problems that I normally have to a slighter degree. I’ll start a separate thread for this, but how do you guys feel about this theory? Do you retain traces of your symptoms when not suffering from POIS?)

Head/Eye pressure: After orgasm I get a great deal of pressure in my head and especially my eyes. The pressure is so intense that it leads to the partial closure of my left eye for about 2 days after O. I’m a little photosensitive then too. This makes seeing things slightly more difficult but I still retain 20/20 vision (I’ve been tested multiple times) (I’ve also had my ocular pressure tested and been told that it’s completely normal). It’s mainly just incredibly uncomfortable. When I was a teenager, on the other hand, my eye problems used to be incredibly severe. After O, as I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep my eyes would squeeze the pressure or inflammation or whatever out of themselves for about a half hour. This would happen every night (ah, teenage hormones) and was incredibly painful. It was later diagnosed by a clearly nonplussed doctor (wrongly, I believe) as a migrane…

When under POIS this head pressure also gives me a weird, congested feeling in my head. I just feels like my sinuses and all the other chambers, pockets and passages in my head that should be open, have been closed up.

Muscle Tightness: After O muscles in my neck and shoulders remain tight for about 3 days. They used to be so tight that it would cause pain and require constant stretching but (as I’ll discuss in a minute) breathing exercises have significantly alleviated this problem.     

Things that help:

Diet: Cognitive dysfunction has always been my biggest difficulty and diet has helped some. I’ve found that it’s really important to ensure that you’re getting enough water and enough iron as water REALLY impacts your mental clarity and iron-levels are a major determinant of energy-levels. Again, these haven’t made my POIS go away, they’ve only made some of the symptoms less severe. I want to experiment with diet more, as it seems a fruitful and somewhat unexplored aspect of this disorder – especially if you believe, as I do, that there may be a link btwn Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (which many people say is caused by yeast-levels and mitigated by elimination diets) and POIS.  (I should also mention that I think my POIS 1st began to get bad after I stopped using antibiotics to eliminate acne.)

Meditation: Let me start by saying that I’ve been addicted to porn since I was about 17. As a result, I’ve had really disruptive POIS just about every other day since my teen years. Recently, though, I’ve begun to meditate and found that it helped my POIS in a few MAJOR ways. First off, the relaxation and focus associated with meditation has really allowed me to control my mind a lot better and veer away from sexual thoughts. This, naturally, has allowed me to significantly reduce orgasm and POIS. If there are any other individuals that have struggled with hyper-active sex drive and porn-addiction out there, I really cannot say enough about the benefits meditation! You all should try it! Furthermore, I’ve found that breathing meditations – which require the meditator to focus exclusively on her/his breathing for a significant amount of time – have really helped reduce the mental clutter and achieve better focus.  This, in turn, helps with motivation and workplace productivity. Lastly, I’ve found that meditation more or less eliminates the neck/shoulder pain and tension I was experiencing, probably by helping me relax. (As I said, I’ve become kind of anxious because of my difficulty with memory and articulating my thoughts when under POIS. Meditation helps A LOT with this.)

..so essentially I’m a meditation freak now.

Things I’ve tried that haven’t really helped:

-Anti-inflammatories: Although these help somewhat with the head/eye pressure, they don’t do much for my other symptoms

-Marijuana: Yep, as a long-time Californian I can say that I’ve “self-medicated” with this quite a few times. It too made my head/eye pressure and muscle pain less noticeable but (obviously) made cognitive problems way worse.

-Muscle relaxers: Was prescribed these by that doctor that diagnosed my head pressure as a migrane. They did very little for me.

-Claritin-D: This is a histimine-blocker and as many people seem interested in them on this site I feel obliged to address my experiences with them. I took Claritin-d for about 1.5 years after a sympathetic doc diagnosed my pressure as sinus congestion. I remember it helping somewhat – probably because when I get POIS I feel like all the chambers in my head close up. So the Claritin probably helped my sinuses open up a little. The gains weren’t especially large though (and only the congested/tight head feeling was impacted) and I ultimately discontinued use.

Sorry for writing so gosh darn much and thanks for accepting me as a member of your board!

It's extremely invigorating to see how similar we all are in terms of personality, when I read some of the posts above it felt as though I'd typed them, myself.

I'll also do a write up very soon, once I'm out of this POIS haze.

Thank you for the above writeups, it truly makes me feel I'm not alone with this.

POIS Summary Daveman


Well, I feel like I'm repeating, but all the more reason to put our summary here. We can come here if we want to know if someone is "in the same POIS group", or when we need to tell someone about our history, instead of repeating it in a million parts of the forum, we can refer to this post.

My POIS started late, maybe about 6 years ago, I'm 62 now, although I really only came to understand that the symptoms were related to orgasm in the last 2 or 3 years.

I believe my POIS started as a result of a vasectomy reversal about 10 years ago. I had a vesectomy when I was about 22.... I had had my two daughters and my wife (EX) had a difficult time with both, needed induction and had bleeding and stuff.. so I decided to shut down the factory.

No problem, in fact had a great time!!

Then with THIS marriage, my wife was still young enough to have children, and really wanted them so we tried a reversal. I was 50 ish, so had had the vasectomy for about 30 years. The urologist that did the reversal told me that my chances of having children would be quite low, the main reason was that I had developed antibodies to sperm and once I had the reversal, that these anitbodies would destroy the sperm.

He indicated that the autoimmune battle could also probably effect the vas and epydidimis, therefore closing the pathway that he would be opening with microsurgery.

But after the operation, and for a good 4 years, although I was still sterile, I was healthy. Sperm counts showed sperm, but they said it looked like a war zone. Most were DOA, many crippled and the rest were few.

But the autoimmune battle took it's toll.

I am certain, that each orgasm releases the sperm into the beaten up tubes, another battle begins, and the type I reaction leads to the type IV reaction, just as Dr. Waldinger suggests.



I have mostly physical symptoms.

* Within an hour I feel a sort of rush, maybe similar to the histamine rush, throughout the body.
* Within 4 hours POIS is full blown. I am usually trying to sleep.
* Flu like symptoms.
* Stiffness in muscles and joints, can't stay in one position for very long.
* Sweating.
* Heavier Heart beat, although BP is low
Next day - Day 1

* No physical energy
* Joints and muscles sensitive to any work or force
* Heart responds quickly to any work
* Neck and back pain
* Sensitive skin
Day 2 to Day 4:
Physical problems give way to cognitive problems

* No energy to do anything
* Brain Fog
* No Creativity
* Rarely have depressive sessions. If I do they are strong and scary
Day 5 and beyond, can vary from 5 to 10 days

* Joints swollen and sore
* Muscles stiff and sore from very little effort


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