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--- Quote from: Bulls eye on June 28, 2011, 07:33:06 AM ---I want to start by saying i cant believe that i actually met people with the same problems that i have i thought i was alone , it sure is helpful to know that the problem has some form of acknowledgment  , I hope you all the best

It all started right after puberty at age 15 , my symptoms are strictly cognitive ,  i remember before pois all my teachers used to say  that am the smartest kid they've seen , i never actually had to study for my exams and have always been the top of my class , i remember the symptoms started at the first year of what you call high school , i managed to get by a B average , which was very hard for me to achieve during my first experience with pois , i am still very depressed , the most valuable asset i had was my IQ , till now i dont really care if i live or die  , i feel that i have nothing to achieve. i have no self esteem .

The symptoms are almost exactly like Cornelius , especially the part about full night sleep would worsen the severity of  pois .

I'm currently 23 ,  i'm afraid to get in a relationship for the obvious reasons, i'm having trouble trying to find a job that suites my condition , am also having problems writing about this in details currently because of pois

--- End quote ---
I too was sharp b4 it. Mine are mainly neuromuscularcognitive. Ever had cases of POIS disappearing for while?

This was the old place for my personal POIS experience. Now I have moved it to this place!


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