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   To collect personal summaries and histories regarding POIS.

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Bulls eye:
I want to start by saying i cant believe that i actually met people with the same problems that i have i thought i was alone , it sure is helpful to know that the problem has some form of acknowledgment  , I hope you all the best

It all started right after puberty at age 15 , my symptoms are strictly cognitive ,  i remember before pois all my teachers used to say  that am the smartest kid they've seen , i never actually had to study for my exams and have always been the top of my class , i remember the symptoms started at the first year of what you call high school , i managed to get by a B average , which was very hard for me to achieve during my first experience with pois , i am still very depressed , the most valuable asset i had was my IQ , till now i dont really care if i live or die  , i feel that i have nothing to achieve. i have no self esteem .

The symptoms are almost exactly like Cornelius , especially the part about full night sleep would worsen the severity of  pois .

I'm currently 23 ,  i'm afraid to get in a relationship for the obvious reasons, i'm having trouble trying to find a job that suites my condition , am also having problems writing about this in details currently because of pois

Hi Bulls eye, and welcome to this forum.

Yes you are not alone, that's what I also felt when I found this disease, and that there is a forum to discuss this.
I also felt that one of mine abilities was affected (to think), and for a person who relies on this, it is like a sportsman having a injury, which make him unable to do sport for some time.
Good things are happening now in the world of POIS more than anytime, stay close to this community, and also try to find a doctor whom is willing to listen and understand you. This is a curable condition, a recent study proves, and doctors are begining to to more resarch on to this

Best wishes.

Bulls eye:
Thanks emi_b , well i'm very much willing seeking any professional  help , but i dont think there are doctors who are understanding of new illness where i live (middle-east) , currently  my best hope is staying close to this wonderful community  :)

Bulls eye:
Does anyone know any medical tests that i can have ?


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