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This where all the treatments tried will be listed so when forum gets much bigger new people can zone in to what helps.
Each successful treatment  will have a  short paragraph about it and also how many people and the names of the people that it was sucessfull with.
There will also be a list of treatments that werent successful so people can see what not to try. This list will also contain short paragraph and who tried it.
I will like this Topic to be permanently in one of the Top three so it will be easy to find.

These section is not for discussions it is just for adding treatments.

                                                              Helpful Treatments


To date, six members reported significant improvements in symptoms by using testosterone . As discussed earlier, low plasma testosterone levels lead to symptoms similar to those of POIS. It is also a vital component in sperm production. Administration methods tried include, patch, creams, gels, and injection. Patches may be the most effective because they mimic the body's natural release of testosterone by slowing introducing the substance into the bloodstream. Injection causes testosterone levels to spike, which could potentially yield no improvement in symptoms.

The strongest theory is connected to Dr. Marcel Wandinger's recent Immunogenic Pathogensis theory. Testosterone supplementation in hypogonadal males was found to suppress cytokines, which is a signal carrier that activates the immune system. It may be conceivable that testosterone is indirectly suppressing the immune system and thus reducing symptoms as reported by the aforementioned six members. Although there is still little theoretical backing for patches, this treatment is rapidly gaining attention and enthusiasm among forum members.

Members: Demografx, EDS(nsf),  Green(nsf), animus(nsf)
Dosage: 15mg androderm patch, daily.


Progesterone called the master hormone because every other hormones in the body can be derieved from it. It is also known to be important in reducing inflammatory reactions.  It is thought that one reason pregnant women have high progesterone is to keep theiir body from refusing the new fetus, also women who have allergies notice their allergies reduce during pregnancy. Thie latter is how a patient found out a way to reduce his pois mystery.  During his wife pregnancy he notice his pois symptoms dissapeared this pushed him to do reasearch and he notice progesterone is one of the hormones that increases exponentially during pois.  He tried progesterone in the form of noriethisterone and noticed his symptoms reduce considerably.

"Just an update, I'm continuing to have sucess with progesterone. I've experiemented and have found a correlation where the more progesterone I take the better I feel after O. I've never like giving figures like a percentage cured, but to scale the results 15mg equals about a 90% cure. I need to injest at least 1.5 hours before activity and no longer than 12 hours before, based on limited testing"

Dosage; 5-15 mg  about 1.5 hrs before orgasm but no longer than 12 hrs. ccconfucius noticed that subsequent orgasm on progesterone worsens pois symptoms.

Members: Limjuice.

Bjim's NSF treatment summary, http://www.thenakedscientists.com/forum/index.php?topic=6576.msg201517#msg201517
Google website treatment summary, 


Has anyone who believes his sympotoms have a hormal imblance cause ever considered visiting Dr.Dexter(according to wiki, he is the one who introduced the Hormal imblance hpothesis) in UK?

hello dear people

I like to invite you to read my post at the progesterone topic.

Also I would verry apreciate your curiosity to read my general introduction as a newwbie in the pois forurum , here

at the topic  'That familia Feel' and at the naked ones site .

greetings  dutchy


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