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Stumbled onto something potentially huge!

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Guess what was abnormally high on habibous blood test several threads down? Noradrenaline!  Let's see what daveman thinks

in the last years only once I've been pois free after an O.
it was when i was forced to eat almost nothing for weeks because of an acute gastrointestinal problem.
could your theory explain also that?
because of that i'm lately thinking that the cause could be some hidden methabolic disorder, even if my blood tests are always ok

My guess would be that during that tIme period u regulated ur blood sugars with ur eating habits this regulation prevented an adrenaline surge during orgasm

Let me state again I think this issue is comPlex I think this is a adrenaline surge and allergy problem not just one or the other. The adrenaline surge explains the most horrible symptOms which last from 1-4 days. The mast cell allergy cascade would account for the symptoms which last much longer: nasal congestion itchy eyes muscle pain. And in regards to the muscle pain I'm in the process of experimenting with quercetin a known mast cell inhibitor. This should stop the allergic symptoms although it seems niacin does too. It seems niacin helps stoP allergy cascades through pgd2 release and it stops adrenaline surges with its methyl group grabbing.


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