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Stumbled onto something potentially huge!

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--- Quote from: haidcat on August 14, 2012, 02:27:16 PM ---My guess would be that during that tIme period u regulated ur blood sugars with ur eating habits this regulation prevented an adrenaline surge during orgasm

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ok thanks.
but how the blood sugars are related to adrenaline?
since then I am following a diet very low in sugars, but it cannot really be stricter than this, i am under weight. and this diet is not helping me with my POIS. even if i am one of the most lucky here because my symptoms last only one day


--- Quote from: haidcat on August 14, 2012, 02:33:00 PM ---Let me state again I think this issue is comPlex I think this is a adrenaline surge and allergy problem not just one or the other. The adrenaline surge explains the most horrible symptOms which last from 1-4 days. The mast cell allergy cascade would account for the symptoms which last much longer: nasal congestion itchy eyes muscle pain. And in regards to the muscle pain I'm in the process of experimenting with quercetin a known mast cell inhibitor. This should stop the allergic symptoms although it seems niacin does too. It seems niacin helps stoP allergy cascades through pgd2 release and it stops adrenaline surges with its methyl group grabbing.

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Wow haidcat, I like your reasoning. You know, the months before i got POIS I bet that I was getting massive surge of adrenaline constantly(due to emotional responses to an external event - I really liked a girl, so every time I saw her my heart rate spiked, and I produced a lot of adrenaline  ;)) Then something bad happened between us and I crashed, literally. I stopped to have these massive adrenaline surges and I began to feel lethargic,with cloudy thinking,etc. Then, my POIS appeared(at 18)... I got the same HORRIBLE symptoms until I discovered this forum, when I began my own "research" -mostly helped by peoples experiences here. And niacin works wonders on me. 180 mg of pure Niacin means NO POIS. And I do not need to take anything more after or before the Orgasm.

I do not know if my personal experience fits in your theory. The emotional hit that i received from this experience was a hurricane in the following years. I do not know where I would be right now if it were not for this forum and its people.  :)

Haidcat, I had to chime in even though I wasn't registered! Anyway - you're the man! Many people don't realize that the POIS feeling is from a large part a feeling of an constant adrenaline rush without the possibility to calm down. That's why tranquilizers like Xanax seems to take a big portion of the negative feelings away. Anyway I suspect the beta-blockers (or alpha beta combined) won't help much as they would not really affect enough of the various epinephrine receptors throughout the body. I have some experience with them and yeah, Niacin was much much better.

And don't forget this - Adrenaline (Epinephrine) is a huge histamine blocker/eliminator. This could explain the runny nose and other phantom allergy symptoms.

Another piece to the puzzle! Now to find the source of all of this chaos.

I really think we might be getting somewhere with this! I suspect the source of all this could be several different things coming together: anxiety disorders, allergic response to semen, and possible hypoglycemia. Anxiety, allergies, and hypoglycemia all release the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline..... If all/some these issues are at play POIS symptoms will very easily occur. It will be similar to the fatigue every man experiences after orgasm but on steroids(our bodies are already in a weakened state and orgasm just pushes us to the edge). Since it seems this issue involves both endocrine and allergy issues, its no wonder there is a broad category of solutions to this issue. Because of the great research of others we know that niacin potentially has anti-allergy properties through prostaglandin and serotonin releases, and with the potential find that niacin blocks conversion to adrenaline, it seems we might be closer to what exactly is going on here.

I would say the basics of it is this: half of the people on here have some sort of adrenal issue either stemming from anxiety disorders or bad diet/hypoglycemia and half the people on here get an adrenal response from their body try to attack their sperm in an allergic manner. Both problems lead to adrenal surges and the subsequent fatigue.


This is potentially Huge! Love your Theory, love to hear this thrashed out over the coming weeks on here!

"usually 3 to 6 g daily", Wow I wonder if this could potentially help our POIS also. Daily doses are definitely better than timing it. I wonder if they are referring to Nicotinic Acid or Niacidimide etc....



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