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Important message to all members !
Please, whitelist "" in your email software or email app, for the email address you used to register to Poiscenter, so that you will receive the essential messages and significant updates from Poiscenter ! 

Bulk emails to 1500 members is often treated as spam, so you need to whitelist to receive it in your inbox.

With the NORD study beginning very soon, you may not want to miss the recruitment ads, or the interim reports.  Or, like right now , this week, a call to participate in a significant POIS survey that will lead to a medical article publication on POIS impact on our quality of life !

If you are not sure how to create a filter to direct all "" emails to your inbox, instead of in your spam folder, see this link containing many examples on how to do that in Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook desktop apps, and so on:  .  Or, ask for help in this thread :)

Also, you have to go to your forum profile, at;area=notification , and check the box in front of " Receive forum newsletters, announcements and important notifications by email.".

The sender name will appear as POISCENTER<>, in case you fear that it would be too descriptive for other people furtive eyes.

We will not send frequent or regular Newsletter, but very essential updates only , and recruitment ads for researchers needing POIS subjects for their study project or scientific survey. 

Thanks for your cooperation !

on behalf of the Poiscenter Admins team
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