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Questions and help needed with my POIS

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Hello everyone,

I would like to describe my POIS and hopefully get some help to start figuring out how to treat it. My POIS is mostly psychological. The first couple of days after (P)MO, or sex I get intense social anxiety, I feel way less masculine, I get strange attraction towards men (which I don't identify with, not sure how else to describe it, it might also come from a place of feeling worth less than the other) and kind of intrusive thoughts with it (HOCD-like), way less attraction towards women. I feel like a different person, I act like my normal self, but it feels as though there is only a glimpse of my normal self left. It's like I'm seeing through a veil, my vision is blurry, I usually describe this as looking through a puddle of water or as if there is a dark cloud in my mind which I have to fight through. It sometimes feels like I am going insane. Another way I sometimes describe it is as if I'm in an anti-flow state, nothing feels right. This song's intro has a similar vibe to what I feel like sometimes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=in58wtVI9sI . Physically, there seems to be a knot in my stomach often, I have mild headaches, weird sensations mostly on the left side in my head, there's tension in my inner thighs and a constant feeling of unrest in my chest.

After a couple of days, everything gets a little bit better, but my symptoms seem to be kind of chronic. I do believe it has something to do with PMO or sex and I feel like there must be some kind of solution through food, supplements or medication. I had been addicted to porn from the age of 14 to around 23. That is when my HOCD stuff started, and I knew I had to change something. That was when my journey to quit started, and around the age of 27 I managed to have it under control. I am now 29, but these symptoms remain. I have become a god at nofap, I can "easily" reach 90 days or more, I say "easily" because I do have these symptoms in the background constantly, but I have gotten so used to it by now, that I just live with them all the time. I don't necessarily want to O anymore, because I know how much worse my mental state gets when I do it, but I don't think that's the way it should be. That's why I want to figure out how to cure this.

I have tried the following things:

* different diets (gluten free, lactose free)
* supplementing vitamins, fish oil, magnesium
* microdosing truffles combined with lion's mane, ashwaganda and niacin
* microdosing LSD
* exercising.
I just took some niacin, and it seemed to help slightly with the symptoms in my head, but I read that people often take it before O. I just took it to see what would happen to my current symptoms. Exercising seems to help slightly as well.

Can someone please give me some advice on what else to try? I am getting really tired of living like this honestly.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, those shift toward mans, it could be low testosterone, high
estrogen, estradiol, prolactin... Me personaly, newer had that.

I've had blood tests done and everything seems to be normal. Tonight I had a great night with a friend, no strange thoughts or feelings, just felt like my regular self, which was great. I just want to feel like this the majority of the time, but currently it's the other way around, I don't feel like myself most of the time.

Hi Pleasehelpheal

I know easier said than done but you must hang in there. I know the feeling I've been through the same and I'm going into my 50's. Sometimes it just feels like hell. But as you get older it becomes more manageable. Don't let it become psychological because it's not.

Even though your forehead and/or sometimes your body seems to be the main places that make it difficult...but....when you are under a lot of mental strain/stess have you ever noticed a slight bit of pain or agitation at the back/bottom of your head?
If that would be the case then maybe it's worth convincing your doctor you'd want to get a neurospect scan cause that would mean you have damage in brainstem area. Which would confirm you have ME/CFS.  That was my case at least after years of searching. I'm now convinced I have a POIS version of ME/CFS

Hi less_fogged,

I can't say I've noticed that feeling  at the back/bottom of my head. But out of curiosity, have you found a way to heal or better manage your situation?


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