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Apro questo post per raccontare la mia esperienza. lo farò a breve!

Hi everyone, I'll start by telling you a little about my story and the symptoms I have.
I have had polka dots since early June 2021. The symptoms I have are extreme tiredness, brain fog, social anxiety, tension, headaches, low mood and most importantly I am slower mentally. One symptom that I don't think everyone has is a headache in the back left side. This symptom that I have also appears in the days following ejaculation, especially if I have to do a lot of "stressful" things that day. On the second day I am already much better and I am very motivated and happy but some mental and physical symptoms are still there. The third day is perhaps the worst after the first because I'm in a low mood and I feel very tense.
 From day 4 I start to improve more and more but the maximum I managed to get was 7/8 days without ejaculating because I have nocturnal emissions frequently. An important fact is that March/April/May 2021 I had no symptoms after ejaculation but sometimes when I was out and about I had headaches and brain fog that would occur randomly. So first I had symptoms of discomfort without the polka dots even without ejaculation (then in June 2021 I realized that after ejaculation I had several symptoms). Or maybe I had them before but they were much lighter. In fact, I remember that from eighth grade (the year of my first ejaculation) I generally felt more tired, especially on a mental level, with more anxiety but in those years I didn't have strong symptoms after ejaculation and therefore I just thought that I was a shyer and more tired but I didn't know why.


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