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Hello everyone.

I'm male and in my twenties. I have this struggle since puberty, so that makes it about 15 years. I have flu like symptopms, fatique etc. on a physical level and also asperger like symptoms really when I have a pois episode that usually last a week.

Looking back, luckily I picked up 2 things subconciously when I was younger that helped me a lot:
1. Exercise in the morning helps me. 2. Eggs for breakfast help me.
I didn't do that every day as I didn't fully make the connection or I was too tired in the first few days, but often I did and it helped me get out of an pois episode quicker.
In my 20's I learned about pois and was so taken a back that I'm not the only one who experiences this issue after orgasm. In the beginning with the little money I had I started buying one supplement every other month but focused more on eating healthy i.e. buying healthy foods when I moved out.
I tried zink. Also bought niacin (in the form of tablets with flush effect) for the first time. But those did not help. Actually zink might have helped to shorten it by a day or two. But no major progress.

Then I learned that I also get pois symptoms after having intercourse. This was a major upset. This makes me question, for the first time, if I will get married. I mean in the long term. If I could even sustain that lifestyle or if there are women out there whose lifestyle would match mine. As I need to live super disciplined, eat very healthy, ideally have only healthy foods outside and also in my house too, also prefer not to have streaming services like netflix etc. as I want to minimize the probabilty of getting nocturnal emissions etc. I must say I love most healthy foods anyways so that's alright with  me. But I can get tempted to indulge and distract myself especially after a pois episode starts, so I make sure to not have any sugary or processed foods in my fridge to be frank with you.

So when I saw that pois was hindering me from getting to a better stage in my life, I went to a couple specialists but eventually I gave it up as I had no time or energy left and just focused on doing research myself whenever I could, and so I read up also a bit on here.
I have tried a lot of supplements in these couple years.
The supplement that helped me the most physically is a testosterone booster. I had no means to buy it since a year but it contains tribulus terrestris. Also l-arginine and other components.
Mentally the best thing I can take is L-Theanine . This helps to calm down the anxiety, especially in social environments and helps to be able to speak more clearly. Unfortunately it's not like a magic pill, one still gets into embarrassing moments when one does not remember names of people, let's say etc. So it helps more for yourself to feel calm, especially in the first couple days I would say.
Curcuma tea works really well to clear up the acne. Sometimes I'm suprised how well it works, how after a couple days my skin is shining. So I'm really happy to find something inexpensive that helps my skin. Curcuma might also help in other ways, i.e. mood etc. Also I have of course tried niacin in powder form with a flush effect (although it is not sold here unfortunately, so it's expensive to get it). It helped me primarily with acne. And also eased the depression given I took it in a fasted state.
I also regularly take a b-vitamin complex, multivitamins and magnesium. I have been drinking a energy drink with taurine but recently bought a taurine supplement instead. So I'm testing that. Also I've been taking ginseng, perhaps that's why I have been able to retain most of my muscle mass even though I was ill lately.
All in all, I'm in a better position that I was years ago. I'm finding more a more solutions. At the same time I have many questions. Be it regarding the science behind it or why a certain supplement is said to be good for us. Also interested to talk with you and hear how you all tackle some issues. From relationships, lifestyle choices like abstinence, to doing well in a job.

L-theanine and Curcuma (Turmeric) are actually methyl donors according to a few sources I have read.

Eggs contain a tonne of necessary nutrients for the methylation cycle including choline, B12, iron, B2, B5, vitamin A, and folate.

What else is in the testosterone booster? When you describe what helps you, it's useful to share the specific brand/product for others.

Please also share your B complex and multi-vitamin. When it comers to the B vitamins, the main ones are B12, folate, B6, and probably choline. You need to make sure you are getting these ones correctly. By correctly, I mean in adequate amounts and the right type that works for you. I do best on methyl B12, folic acid, and any type of B6. It took me a long time to realise I needed much more than 0.5mg of folic acid per day for my methylation cycle to work properly. It was severely depleted from POIS. You may also benefit from extra methyl donors including SAM-e, TMG, and methyl versions of B12 and folate. Taking creatine can also help reduce the amount of folate you need as it spares 40-45% of SAMe production. SAMe requires folate, B12, and B6 to be synthesized.

Also be careful with the amount of niacin or nicotinamide (vitamin B3) in B complex's. Some people have had success with niacin for POIS. You will have to test this yourself to see if it's helpful. But if it isn't, it will actually deplete your methyl groups (SAMe) whenever you supplement it in high dosages. The body will get rid of the excess by methylating it out into the urine (and using up methyl groups in the process.) This is why niacin is useful in situatons where if one has adverse reactions to methyl donors (SAM-e, TMG, methylfolate, methyl B12, etc) you can take niacin 50mg every 1-2 hours until you feel better. For the lost methyl groups, it's advised by Masterjohn to take 100mg of TMG for every 100mg of niacin or nicotinamide. Taking methylated versions of B12 and folate may make up for the lost methyl groups, I'm not really sure. I know that SAMe certainly would as it's the global methyl donor.

Note: Not medical advice. I am not a doctor or medical specialist. Most of this information I have learnt from Chris Masterjohn (Phd in nutritional science.) Follow at your own risk. Sharing what has been helpful for me, and I noticed a clear link between the things you find beneficial and things that may help you further.

Hey, thanks man, [“Warrior”] what you write is really interesting!
I don't know much about methylation and what helps and hinders that process. So that is giving me an incentive now to learn more about it.
Also sam-e and tmg are supplements I have not tried before as I have never seen them around here. I do remember taking some of my brother's creatine before once trying to speed up recovery and I do rememberg feeling better mood wise. maybe placebo, maybe it truly helps. I will put it on my shopping list this year, definitely as creatine is easier to get a hold of than sam-e and other things.
I take a b complex that only states what b vitamins it contains. Nothing more than that on the label unfortunately. Not sure if we can put a link here but these are the one's I take https://www.biovelour.com/products/innovit-b-complex
Regarding the testo boosters, I have actually tried various different one's. I just know that if it has a lot of tribulus terrestris, fenugreek, arginine it works for me. But I will get back to you, if I find the specific one. Actually the shop where I bought mine was far away from me. And now it has closed since a year aswell. But looking back, a testosterone booster helped me the most in terms of overcoming the physical symptoms and getting my energy back, yes.

Ah, I did come across some videos of that scientist you are mentioning before. I had heard about the debate about niacin potentially being harmful in high doses. But I came to the conclusion, also based on reading the book of Dr. Hoffer that you don't need to worry much about that if the niacin you are taking is the one that gives one a flush. But right, with the regular b vitamins I need to check if it's not too high, right. I'll make sure to do that. Thank again!

Update: I've been taking taurine caps now for a couple weeks. I didn't notice mental benefits tbh.
My skin however is looking better than it has looked in a year. I'm looking younger. That's good.
I think it is related to taurine. But I'm not sure if it's taurine or other recently bought supplements like curcuma, or even ginseng.
Let me know your thoughts on taurine in connection with skin benefits.
Edit: Still having unexpectedly good effects on my skin. As far as what supplement is giving me those benefits, I'm starting to believe that it is actually NAC that I've been taking for a week now.
I'm glad that I found something to take when I have to/want to look my best.

I would like to post here an update each day for a short while in order to motivate me to get my health back (which happens after about 7 days).

Day 1:
After doing well for 3 weeks, recently I have not been doing well. It's been almost a week of every day or every second day where I had engaged in s. activity and hence a week that I don't want to ever experience again.

Right now, I'm feeling tired. I tried to exercise. I felt I was at 30 percent of my strength. But atleast I did something.
Also the issue was pain in my elbow that the inflammation caused.
So my motivation is to be able to workout out where it is fun again.
But it's better to take it easy for a while I understand. My plan is to only do cardio and rehab exercises for the elbow for a week or two while my health improves and the inflammation goes down.

My goal is to stop drinking coffee. I've bought some decaf coffee a while back but have been drinking 1-2 cups of regular coffee when I'm outside.
My goal is also to stop consuming processed sugar i.e. in teas that I drink (3-4 teas a day).
I know this is a big change in lifestyle. I think when I can make these 2 changes this year then that's still amazing.
I think I will start with cutting out coffee first, but after hitting 7 days. First goal should be now to overcome this episode and get the health on base level again.
I will continue with the supplements like nac etc. I will try to be positive. And forgive myself if I don't manage to do everything as I envision in the first 7 days.


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