Author Topic: Need your advice (Yohimbe / Yohimbine / Noradrenaline / Norepinephrine )  (Read 1142 times)


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Hello guys, I need you advice on what should I do.
I have found a shop, the main theme of which is to sell supplements in some semi wholesale matter.
Like the all usual bodybuilder amino acids + like a bunch of herbal essences and related stuff.
Cutting the chase - this is how I stumble upon Yohimbe yesterday.
I bought a 25g of essence of root powder (or whatever it is made from), with 8% Yohimbine concentration.
As a not very smart individual, I ate too much, something around 200-250mg, which if 8% is not a lie, something like 16-20mg of pure Yohimbine.
And with a thought - 'fricking hell' on repeat for like 6 hours, was minding my business.
I was very happy. Finally, I found something.
I have a relatively mild pois, and I find every aspect of it manageable/livable - except extreme fatigue, that can trail after O*, for days and weeks.
And fatigue, after extensive mental work, which I was linking on depletion of some abstract energy substances in brain, but apparently it is also POIS, based on someone?s comment. And it is a main obstacle in my life - since I am a programmer + other mental related work, and when I am having worth of weeks constant extreme fatigue, that comes after 10 minutes after me being awake already...
Getting to the main point - My palms were already sweaty to buy years worth of this Yohimbe.
But for some reason I decided to google science papers on sperm quality researches of it.
And all I found, a few studies on mice?s, result of which was apparent reduction of quality on related sperm parameters and reproductive tissues.
I didn't understand the quantities of pure Yohimbine per kilo, that they were administering to them.
And I haven't found any human related studies.

Can you suggest, of what I should think of Yohimbe? Do you have some negative info, related to sperm/reproductive quality of it? My main concern with this message, is to secure my ability to have kids in a future...
Taking aside a potential harm of overdosing myself and getting some heart related problem, what should I be aware of?
Maybe there are some alternatives, that you can suggest, but so far:
Bupropion (Wellbutrin) is banned in Russia, and they even manage to put someone in jail for ordering it from abroad, with sentencing as it being a narcotic.
Milnacipran was being selled here until main discontinuation, there is 0 generics, and 0 chances of getting it here right now.