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this combination works best, recovery period is usually within 24 hours and on good days 12 hours(overnight sleep) and if you are controlling your orgasms, symptoms rarely shows up ie 4-6 times a month. this method takes a couple of tries to perfect and you have to find the medicines which works best for you and find the pattern they work best in. not every nsaid or ssri will work so you have to work with your medical care providers a little bit more.


 this method worked better only for the first time when i used testosterone gel, i have normal range test but on the lower end and with my doctor i tried it and it worked good for the first time, but its effects started to get lower for the next couple of times, it still works better then nsaid alone but its not really the most optimum solution. surprisingly this method will make the nsaid more likely to work. ssri's should generally be avoided with testosterone they can cause nasty side effects, this also causes skin irritation since your skin is already sensitive from pois and you can get achne, pimples, skin rashes, this should be used in the gel form and not any other formation, should be applied only once in a week, it will likely cause your testicles to shrink and make you impotent, although it can be used under medical supervision safely.

ONLY Testosterone

this works somewhat, cognitive symptoms are less, muscle pain is less, fatigue is somewhat better,this is using a patch or gel just after the orgasm and only a couple of  times a month, this is not recommended if you have normal or high level of test since trt is dangerous and make you infertile. although you can get this treatment under medical supervision in some places.


it makes me more awake but i still feel fatigued, before taking this medicine i use to be sleepy and not able to sit for more then a couple of hours, after starting ssri's i could stay awake for longer and still sitting for couple of hours was difficult, this does work on memory makes it better,reduces bipolar like symptoms, increases emotional stability, does not do anything for muscle pain, does very little for fatigue, will fix our sleepiness by 50% 


this makes your recovery faster, decreases intensity of your symptoms, works mainly on fatigue and muscle pain, eye pain, stomach issues and overall energy. i would say it betters pois symptoms by 30% and make your life livable if its falling apart, this should not be used in long term or regularly, although infrequent use is fine for me it may not be for you.


this is somewhat effective in your overall energy, you will still get most of the symptoms it will enhance your memory and energy fatigue will be reduced by 50%, general energy will be increased by 50%, your ability to communicate is the main benefit of using only caffeine, this method efficacy lowers over a period of time of regular use i would say after a couple of months ie 4-5 months it will become useless and you will have to take a break of around 15-20 days to recover from caffeine, you do get withdrawal when you stop using caffeine. although this can be managed talk to your doctor about it, you should stay under 50mg per day mark for optimal results higher doses will make you more anxious, L thiaene combination reduces the overall anxiety if you can get it in any formation, low dose does not work well enough, best way to take it is black coffee in the intervals of 4 hours 2-3 coups a day on the recovery day.easiest is to get in pill form and use the powder, best to get 50mg pills or lower mix the power in water and drink it straight up, pills can take time to affect so i use it that way, i dont not recommend you to do this its dangerous i have special training in organic chemistry so i have the ability to take it safely, so you can just use the pills as intended.should not take more then 200mg per day, i only take 50mg per day

Cognitive Therapy/ Sexual Cognitive Therapy

this works great on depression and anxiety, i recommend this it makes the recovery easy.