Author Topic: my nsaid/etodolac window for pois and last resort options  (Read 344 times)


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my nsaid/etodolac window for pois and last resort options
« on: September 09, 2023, 08:44:26 AM »
etodolac for me only works in a fixed pattern if i take it willy nilly it wont work for some reason which i cant figure out


not everyone needs medication to recover from pois and if you can live without it, its the best choice i would not recommend you use medication to live a normal and healthy life if you can

i have stopped using this medication and trying to recover naturally

after years of struggle i want to share my routine and would not reommend anyone copy it, find what works for you best and is the most healthy option

1 pill

1 hour before - 10/15 mins after

1 hours before ejaculation - this is a must, me and my gf dont live together so anytime we do the nasty its spontaneous if we get a chance so i try to take it as near the 1 hour mark before we do it.

if i cant take it before i take it immediately after ejaculation, its the second best option then taking 1 hour before.

now in between this window etodolac work much less, i have no idea why this happens but if you take it just before or like 30 mins before you ejaculate it will not help as much i would say its effect reduces by 50%.

and before this window its effect is 60% less then at those 2 points

2 day

in between 12-24 hours

if i dont recover by the next morning, ie i wake up with body pain and fatigue.
if its not too bad i take it in the night ie 24 hours after the first pill
if i feel the symptoms get intense i take in the middle of the next day or 14-16 hours after the first pill

this is where i recover 90% of the time i rarely take the second pill, but if i feel the symptoms get intense and i dont take the second pill my recovery period increases by usually 2-3 days maybe more, and if i take the second pill after this window the recovery time is 1-2 days more.

3 day

i rarely take the 3rd pill and only when i masturbate on the regular like i have a long weekend away form home ie i am on holidays on with my gf for longer periods, this is the day that decide if i get full blown pois and my life will fall apart or will i be able to recover with less damage.

this day is important cause cognitive symptoms usually get intense after this day, usual memory loss, social isolation, bipolar like symptoms, if i dont do something i would be down for couple of weeks at this point. so i try to stop pois at all cost at this point. , on this day etodolac works less so i use fast acting etodolac in the morning and a slow release in the middle of the day or in the night, i try to avoid this day at all cost but if i have to ie i have a busy work week or i had to go to social events or i am on a holiday or i have important life things i take fast acting zerodol in the morning and another pill in the night of declofinac or etidolac, i also use etizolam to curb cognitive symptoms on this day but only if i really need to.

usually if i am masturbating on the 4th day i have the week off and i only use slow release etodolac once a day for maximum of 6 days from 1st day of orgasm and under medical supervision, i have a diary i have to write when i take which medication and have to show it to my doctor on each visit or when i refill these medications.i can only get enough medications for 10 days and i can only get 3 doses of etizolam at once which last for 2 days, and i can only get it if i have my diary with me, i have been refused to be given the meds multiple times without the diary

you have broken down

this is what i recommend and have done a couple of times when i am on binge masturbation and everything has fallen apart, get yourself checked in to a mental hospital, this is not for everyone and not everyone have this choice and your experience could be drastically different from mine.

i have a great psychiatrist he have treated me for over 10 years, and for a couple of times when i really needed it i had to get checked in, when i was a teen my life felled apart and had to stay in a hospital for a national festival this was a horrible time of my life and the hospital actually saved me.

every time i had checked in i was never treated disrespectfully and was treated with either no medication or with a mild one's, now i am comfortable using these medication so i usually take them if prescribed, and my psychiatrist have know about this problem since i was a kid so i have had great help he knows what medications not to give me what works on me and a lot of therapy.

i recommend you find doctors who can treat you long term cause pois could be a debilitating illness sometimes and you need people on your side which are prepared to tackle your problems with you and without judgement, i have gotten treatment from horrible doctors too so i know the pain and would not want you guys to go through it

the last resort

now i am saying this with great regret and i am discouraging any of you to do this with or without medical supervision, this is a dangerous action but sometimes if i am really fucked, my life has fallen apart completely, i go to my doctor and if everything willing and only in presence of my family i get a tramadol injection/iv and my doctor does not take this lightly and this is a last resort option for me, after this there is only misery so i dont ever use this option, i have only used this option 4 times over 10 years and with great regret this is a opioid and its a very dangerous medicine, i can only get this in presence of my family, not even friends are allowed me to accompany me to get this treatment my life sucks after this i get nausea and sometimes vomiting when getting it. its a addictive medication and cannot be taken lightly.i have to go to a proper hospital with a doctors prescription of the same day to get it, and only after calling my gp the hospital administers the injection its a whole process cause most doctors dont know anything about pois so most of the times a hospital will not treat you unless your gp sets up the appointment for you though official channels idk how they do it.

this is only to be used after months of suffering and if you have totally socially isolated yourself and have constant fatigue and body pain and cannot function anymore, most of the times i have to take a couple of these injections over a period of a week and your doctor will decide whats the appropriate dose is for you, its costly every time i get the injection it can cost somewhere 100-200 usd to get the prescription to go to the hospital and get your self registered and get the treatment, you mostly have to wait 4-6 hours in the whole process, its not easy or recommended to do this alone, the hospital will always ask you to bring close family or spouse with you while you are treated.

most of the doctors will never even entertain this idea and i was only able to get this treatment cause i have a doctor in my family and i had totally broken down to a point my family was forcing the doctors to treat me. they did extensive counseling with my family made everyone aware of the risks of opioid use and the signs of opioid abuse i remember by sister had to check all my belongings for weeks after my first treatment it was horrible.
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Re: my nsaid/etodolac window for pois and last resort options
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why am i posting in bulk, well life is busy this is the first time i have opened my laptop in months usually i am at the work or gym or anywhere but home and can only post whenever i am home and remember i have pois, it has become a second thought in last few months and i am at the best point of my life, thanks to my loving family,my passion for life, my friends and my doctors who have given me so much, i hope you can recover from this illness and live a better life too. if teenage me could look at me today he would be proud and hopeful something i wasn't at that time.