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Fatigue/muscle pain - New Theory
« on: September 09, 2023, 05:56:28 AM »
for the past 1.5 years i was on a medicine regimen to control my pois and for past few months i have stopped it, cause i was feeling more healthy then ever before, my pois was at a point where i did not get much or any symptoms, if i did the deed only couple of times a week.and even then i recovered within 24 hours if any symptoms did arise.

when i use to get fatigue after pois on my drug regime i use to use caffeine to counter it and it worked every time like a charm i use to recover within hours and had more energy that i use to exercise after pois, the muscle pain never occurred or it happened infrequently enough that it become a non symptom for me.

since then i have stopped taking my regular drugs and my pois has came back, not to the full force but to a point where fatigue started to set in for a couple of days.

now this fatigue is different then normal fatigue it does not respond to stimulants (Methlyphenidate) i have adhd and i take medications for it from time to time, and also surprisingly caffeine, even if i take high dose caffeine my muscles are still tired they have more energy but the pain and fatigue is still there and i cannot function to my full potential.

this for me shows a sign that damage is occurring somewhere in the muscles or the metabolic pathways in the muscles from which time to recover was increasing every time the damage was occurring, i took 4 days to recover last time and now its upto 6 days since i have recovered fully from the fatigue and muscle pain.

now today when i took caffeine it worked again, since i am healed from any damage pois caused in the muscles.

and yes i know caffeine stops working after some time and i only take it when i actually need it i dont take caffeine more then a couple of times per week and that too i keep it low dose of upto 50mg per day.

this is so bizarre to me, i 100% believed stimulants waved off fatigue when i was on my drug regime but they dont, and yes i have observed it enough times to give me enough validation of this idea that i can say there may be some link here.

the muscle pain might be actually helped with ssri's, nsaids or iron when i was on them, i am no more taking these drugs and will avoid them unless i really need them.

i will be going to my doctpr to test what worked on my muscles cause its not stimulants and i am exited to find an answer for this.