Author Topic: Copper Toxicity / Copper Overload?  (Read 957 times)


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Copper Toxicity / Copper Overload?
« on: July 27, 2023, 11:01:20 AM »
Muon, thanks again for sharing this detailed information. This makes me think about copper metabolism in the body. My ceruloplasmin has been relatively low (6.9 percentile) with normal total copper. Did they measure that in your family? It means for example in my case that between 30-50% more free unbound copper is in the body. Copper normally can act as toxic agent for micro-organisms. Candida however has good defense mechanisms and may increase its virulence when more free unbound copper is available. During pregnancy ceruloplasmin is increased and that leads to perhaps less free unbound copper, perhaps (very speculative again :) ) reduce experienced symptoms. Copper overload may also lead to a increased adrenergic autonomic reaction. People with more severe copper problems, such as in Wilson disease, may have autonomic problems as well, mainly impaired parasympathetic function. Adrenalin increase such as happens in orgasm may lead to increased serum levels of copper. When people have a deficiency ceruloplasmin, then more free unbound copper may be released causing a negativ effect on the immune system, brain fog etc... The response to daktarin you described is interesting, I have never seen that before. I have to think about that. I don't know very much about IL17 either, so I have to read a bit about that.

Low ceruloplasmin is comon patern in poisers.
So "we are copper toxic", but, what can we do about that?

I did a hair mineral test. It compares the hair mineral levels to other people range values.

I have very low toxic metals, so not relevant. Only noted things are a bit of As,Pb,Al, rest is undetectedable

Copper VERY high. Out of painted range.
Calcium on the edge between normal and high.
Manganese on the edge between normal and low.
Potassium and Selenium normal, but tending too low.
Other big minerals OK in range (including Mg and Zn)

Trace elements all still in normal range, but tending to low.

The test claims that those relations are too high: Ca/P, Ca/K, Ca/Mg
And those are too low: Zn/Cu, Fe/Cu

Berlin had high copper on his hair test results:

"Copper Ideally, your copper levels should be lower than zinc to favor a higher zinc to copper ratio. High copper has been implicated in ADD. Copper is the cofactor that works with the enzymes MAO A and MAO B to break down dopamine and serotonin, so high copper may engender a higher degree of degradation of these two neurotransmitters.

 Excess copper has also been reported to cause fearful thoughts. If copper replaces zinc in your brain, it may be a factor in migraines, so zinc support may help you with this, as well as bring your copper into better balance."

I also read somewhere high copper lowers GABA too.

There is a ton on Google.

It also was discussed on the old forum.

POIS Reddit:

A lot of people here are helped by Zinc, which is the copper antagonist (or whatever the biochemists call it  ;D )

By coincidence I stumbled across an interesting video here where the guy basically says his copper overload was caused from depleting too much zinc in orgasm? :)