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sebaceous glands of the penis
« on: July 04, 2023, 12:24:09 PM »
So folks, without too much ado!
I have many theories about Pois that I want to share with you later, but the one I am most believing right now is that it is due to a problem in one or more (in my case one) smegma-forming sebaceous gland. These glands are located right at the end of the glans penis and are responsible for forming sebum.
I noticed that there is one that is different from the others, in my case it is the largest, it has a more yellowish color than the others, and when pressed with a fingernail, it causes a very different sensation from the others, a pain that radiates to the back of the neck and then causes great discomfort.
So, try looking for that spot on your penis and give me feedback if you think you have the same thing.
And try to answer these questions for me.
Do your symptoms seem to be more on the left side of your body? Or on one side?
Do the symptoms seem to ease up when you have sex and get worse when you just masturbate with your hand directly on the penis without the use of even a lubricant?
Do you have a different way of masturbating, in which you place your hand more on one side of the penis, leaving the other without being touched much?
If you can give me feedback, I'd be grateful!
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