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What works. what doesnt. And my symptoms. Continuing my (sad) story


Guys, i dont know what to do pretty much nothing works. The only things that work are niacin + ATP. And i am not even 100% sure ATP has a significant effect. The only true method to live with this sh*t(because my POIS is now contstant and activates from stress or slight sexual thoughts) is to deal with stress or with when POIS starts. When POIS starts(even without masturbation) triggered by stress or little sexual thoughts(not even completely sexual) i immidiately take niacin 200 mg and start lifting little(30kg) weights, doing pushups, etc. And most importantly is to aways keep yourself warm, especially feet. I ve tried phenibut different doses(up to 1.5 g) and it helps or seems to help but i guess its just deals with stress and not with the real reason of POIS which can be triggered by stress. I ve tried MACA up to 1.5 g a day, this is the second day and i cant notice an effects of MACA. I ve tried alpha lipoic acid, also no effects. Today was feeling extremely bad. Today i had usuall morning stress which my parents(i ont blame them) delivered to me(as i said i dont blame them, they arent really guilty i am having this sh*t)  but i somehow successfully managed to cope with most of the stress and felt almost ok after they(parents) went away. But i was scrolling the internet, YouTube and i ve seen a trigger(not even completely sexual) i the thoughts started running in my head. And its actually very hard for me to distract myself from these thoughts because just 1 thought will start a POIS-like episode, and POIS period always comes with distracted attention and OCR. And you know what i mean. These thoughts become obsessive and its very hard for me to get distracted. The only thing so far which almost always helps with distraction is computer games.  I now feell so bad writing this, also so hopeless. Even niacin dont work for me in 100% cases, especially when i have constant stress. Honestly i am so tired from this sh*t, that i am actually gonna buy and try a benzo in a few days. Hope this will help me. Dont really care if its addictive. I mean i actually do, but at least i will be able to start studying normally and get a job(actually i ve just successfully passed some IT courses but i still will have to wait long time and study many things to get a job). Today i ve tried Pentoxifylline 600 mg along with 200 mg niacin and i felt very bad after that. I actually vomited and after that i felt better. As i said i am gonna try benzos.

So what do i think can be the reason? It might be some chronic oxidative stress which is especially triggered by stress and is worsened by mold. As i said niacin works for me. Being warm works for me, although here is the thing: when i am starting to have a POIS attack triggered by stress, by thoughts or masturbation, i immidiatelly starting to feel cold. And there is a specific symptom of what i call "muscles refusal". When i dont have POIS period or POIS attack triggered by any trigger, my muscles are easy to keep hard and easy to keep tension. But when POIS attack starts my muscles(all parts of body) are becoming weaker and weaker. And its not just casually weaker. Its not nearly as if your muscles are weaker after workout. Its when for example you are standing on your feet and you have to use your free will to keep your self on feet. After a couple of minutes of the start of the POIS attack i notice heartburn. It gets harder and harder for me to just stand on the ground. After a while i have to use very big part of attention and free will to keep myself in shape. When i relax just a bit all of my muscles just refuse to work and i just drop on the ground and i am like a boneless piece of meat. After that its extremely hard to get up. But also the strange thing is if i want to beat or overcome this what i call "muscles refusal" symptom i have to workout. I have to use these muscles, get myself out of stress and make myself warm. And also when i am cold inside(i mean my feet and hands cold) i hate cold temperatures, but when i am warm inside i like cold temperatures. I mean when i am warm contrast shower helps very much. I also have much cold sweat.

Any pieces of advice, suggestions, any qusetion, any help will be very appreciated. :)

Good luck to all of you. Luck is the most important thing in this real material world.

ToTheVoid(where my life is heading because of this syndrome)

Hi TTV, and welcome to POISCenter !
I see you tried niacin and have had some success with it.
You can see other methods developed by members at https://poiscenter.com/forums/index.php?topic=2338.msg19448#msg19448 .  No method is working for every POIS sufferer, but see which one can be tried safely in your case.

Method which is working for me 100% is sweating and getting warm. Also fasting helps very much but obviously i cant fast always. I have to eat

I've tried benzos. It's weak benzo but still benzo. So it generally helps. But not with POIS, with a side effects of POIS. As i mentioned before my POIS(partly) is triggered by stress from noises and benzo helps with it. Benzo helps with anxiety almost 100%(when it works). But the thing is that it doesnt always work. Sometimes i take two 20 mg doses under tongue and almost nothing happens. Sometimes i take ~10 mg after i ate and i just fall asleep or almost asleep. Like my consciousness works for 1-5%. And this state lasts for a few hours and its very hard to get up from bed. I`ve also bought niacin 500mg(seems like non flush) and maybe it helps maybe not idk(any strongly noticable effects). I also have been trying MACA 0.5-1.5 g(Progecitor piece of advice) for 10 days and it maybe helping a little bit along with niacin 500 mg. It seems to ease symptoms(not ejaculation but arousal). I started eating garlic again and it feels like it really helps but the effect dont last for very long and the more garlic i eat the more it helps. But i live with people and i cant be eating so much garlic because it causes bad body odor. As i mentioned before sweating, 30 kg barbell, running hard, getting warm and any hard physical activity always helps 100%. I mean when i get POIS from a little arousal caused by sexual thoughts i start doing exercises and it helps. Very persistent sympoms which i get are: getting colder(especially feet), muscle fatigue, dry eyes, dry skin(hands, face) something other with eyes(it starts spasming in temples and then also in eyes). But the main symtpoms as l already mentioned are cold feet and full body muscles fatigue. The reason why i am saying it several times is because i have congenital bicuspid aortic valve. Everyone in my familly seems to have some problems with vessels(especially dad which got hypertensive crisis in brains recently). I also have left testicle varicocele and i already did have an operation two years ago but it didnt seem to help. I guess i also have low testosterone because i almost dont have any face hair any hands and belly hair.  I have relatively low mass(my body mass index is ~19) although i always try to eat much because i want to become stronger. I think it might be important to mention that my fathers brother(dead long time ago) had testicle cancer. Yesterday i vented and told everything to my mom(idk if she understood me but seems like she finally is willing to help me) and i will be seeing an urologyst soon. I am also planning to try some captopril. And i will try glycin maybe(just to help with mental problems so i can actually study)

Any questions, pieces of advice will be very much appreciated. Especially from Quantum, Progecitor, Demografx. I mean everybody can ask or reply but these people mentioned seem like very cool researchers

You could summarise your case here: https://poiscenter.com/forums/index.php?board=12.0

And order/organize your findings. Better use paragraphs, most people on the forum have concentration issues.


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