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Medicine cured me completely (both Pois and premature ejaculation)


1. Saraswatarishta - 10ml before food - morning and evening (ayurvedic syrup)

2. Labub Kabur - 1 teaspoon after food with milk - morning and evening (Unani medicine)

3. Strict vegetarian food diet ( no egg also).

Both are Indian medicines based on 100% herbs so they have no side effects to my knowledge. Google it and make sure you buy good and authorized brand. Also also can check the web for it's value.

Iam consuming it for past 4 months daily in above dosage. Now I am able to masturburate any time without having Pois symptoms. I only feel relaxed after ejaculation instead of dreadful sypmtoms. If in future I get back Pois symptoms I will update you

But still if someone got cured like me I will advice you to ejaculate only once in 16days. Because as I researched through a lot of Indian texts there are sayings that it takes lot of effort for body to produce and regenerate sperms. Once in 16 days min gap is required to preserve vitality in the body.

I am also going to stop with my addiction and do only once in 16 days. There is proof for this, even those who are healthy and not affected by Pois, there is a relative change in energy levels once who ejaculate daily 2 - 3 times and one who does at regular intervals. People who ejaculate daily have can be seen having lower memory levels and less energy. Because semen is not like saliva, it contains lot of valuable chemicals which the body needs to work hard to produce. You can see logicaly that the semen we release these drops of liquids are which give rise to babies which grows as human as us. Also in animals have you seen any masturburate?...it only uses for reproduction.

So I advice you to not to ejaculate daily and leave atleast 16 day gap and eat vegetarian diet healthy and exercise regularly.

Also be stress free and happy. Have a good sleep 😁. Because stress creates acidic flow in our body which weakens our nerves systems, digestion and strengthens Pois symptoms

Every problem in life will find a solution one day. Though we may face so much struggles like pois which ruins our life and relationships, time and time we need to remind ourselves of other things we have in life and derive happiness out of those little things.

I hope and strongly believe this pois nightmare will end for everyone in the world.🙏 So let's keep fighting!

I also had more or less success with many of the constituents. It is worth mentioning that both formulations contain long pepper, which has a proven senolytic activity. Many of the other ingredients may also act as senomorphic. I also plan to use a similar combination, when I finish my tests, as this approach appears to be the most rewarding.

- Saraswatarishta
- Labub Kabir

So happy for you that you got treated. I went through your posts and you seem to be a fellow Indian. I am starting with them as mentioned by you. How long did you take them before you started seeing improvements? How long before you got cured?

Also, what was your age when POIS started for you?

For me, it has been there since puberty. I was doing okay for 1 year when I discovered masturbation but since then life has been hell for the last 10 years. For me, I am taking Kerala Ayurvedic Medicines where the doctor is treating my assimilation system rather than POIS because he believes that my absorption is broken. I have had no success with Homeopathic, Allopathic, or Anti-depressants in the past.

The semen taking effort to produce and due to it, it causing the symptoms idea isn't factual - it is based on the association of semen being able to create life thus it possibly being very taxing to form it but no intense energy/nutrient use has been found in humans for semen production both the caloric/nutritional value is very very very small, probably even less than you expend from a 30 minute exercise

Most of post-orgasm/ejaculation issues POISers and unaware POISers who think they have "NoFap/Semen Retention benefits" and think everyone feels this way by ejaculating and it's due to semen's magical properties are due to hormonal/immune/neurochemical/microbiome imbalances

I thought it better to list the constituents here as external sites sometimes disappear and information is lost. Also shouldn’t the admins highlight this as an effective treatment or cure in the appropriate thread?
Besides it is also rather notable that many of these are aphrodisiacs, which clearly must be in conjunction with the senomorphic function.

- Saraswatarishta
Saraswatarishta is an Ayurvedic formulation that combines 18 ingredients, including brahmi, vidarikand, shatavari, ginger, myrobalan, dill, long pepper, jalap, laung, kuth, bach, ashwagandha, baheda, elaichi, giloyi, vidanga, tejpatta, and pure gold.

- Labub Kabir
Key Ingredients:
Aurum/Warq Tila
Ambra grasea/Ambar Ashab
Argentum/ Warq Nuqra
Myristica fragrans/ Nutmeg or Jauzbua
Parmelia perlata/ Ushna
Myristica fragrans/ Mace or Bisbasa
Piper longum/ Filfil Daraz
Cyperus rotundus/ Sad Kufi


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