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Re: Eggs for POIS
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You may be right.... but increasing cholesterol alone helps with my symptoms.... so i am left with no other options

Have you experienced any other health improvments after starting eating eggs? Symtoms of low testosterone might be hair loss, skin disorders, fatigue, loss of muscle mass, muscle weakness, man boobs, fat belly. Any improvments here?
I hv a lean body... i hv always been lean. I used to have irritable bowel with bowel frequency of 3 per day, frequent urination, extreme muscle weakness after an o,pois lasts for 6 days, thin skin over the face. I used to get tired with brainfog after eating any tablets including antibiotics, vitamins

After starting eggs i have now gained 3 kilogram. My bowel movement hv become normal of 1 per day.No frequent urination. Only negligible physical weakness after o. But brain fog and mental tiredness still present. Pois reduced from 6 days to 2.5 days.proteins in egg have helped me very much for hair growth but it could be also due to limiting the no. Of orgasms. Now i dont get tiredness and brain fog with antibiotics, vitamins, cetrizine


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Re: Eggs for POIS
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Keep up with eggs! But be sure they comes from organic farming. Who knows what they feed the chickens in industrial farms.

Thin skin is a sign of collagen break down in the dermis. Something in the POIS cascade seems to be breaking down the collagen. I had a QRMA analyse that confirmed that I am low in collagen too and its visible in my face. Its probably happening in the whole body but is more visible in the face since the dermis is already thin there.

However, the dermis could be rebulit with the right internal and external strategies. Those include exfoliation (skin exercise), skin nutrition topically (most important vitamins are vitamin A and C) and nutrtition internally.

Se all skin care videos by pharmacist Ben Fuchs here:
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