Author Topic: Epididymitis in poisers  (Read 143 times)


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Epididymitis in poisers
« on: October 03, 2022, 06:53:08 AM »
From sewerals testings lately, i think that i hawe some
sort of nonbacterial innflamatory epididymitis.
I think that it is not normal for epididymis to swell doble
in size duriing pois days, together with prostatic lower back
pain, inflamation.
(self diagnosed, because in my country, urologist
are usules literaly).
But i hawe no choice, i will try to go private to see do i hawe
bacteria in semen, because two poisers find it lately.
Olltought i do not know how they hawe bacteria in semen
withouth sirious infection and pain down there???

I noticed that i hawe swelling of epididymis during
sexuall arousall in aptinence withouth eyaculation.
And i think that this is not normal...

As i think that pois is conected with autoimune conditions,
a man in this study had all clusters of pois is diagnosed
with vasculitis wich is considered as autoimune
inflamation of arteries.;year=2022;volume=24;issue=3;spage=332;epage=334;aulast=Huang
It is posible to we poisers get vasculitis down there
from pois...
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Re: Epididymitis in poisers
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Re: Epididymitis in poisers
« Reply #2 on: October 05, 2022, 09:01:23 AM »
This theory is valid. If you have a vascular problem, other inflammation will trigger more inflammation and vasodilation.

That's why those who have POIS benefit from antihistamines, painkillers and vasoconstrictors.

Keep the body away from inflammation/vasodilation and be happy.
My POIS only happens with masturbation. Normal sex does not generate POIS symptoms. My POIS is related to me mood and the health of my cervical spine. Dopamine/Inflammation/Body constitution (genetics) are factors that contribute to POIS.