Author Topic: I think I found the cause of my POIS: Problems with the androgen receptors  (Read 914 times)


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When I do different things that upregulate androgen receptors* my POIS is milder, like just a few hours of feeling a bit drunk. Nothing that some Humic acid cannot fix (it boosts the immune system ;)). And the next day I'm OK like I never O the previous day.

I also notice eating sweets make things worse. Sweets themsleves were shown to lower T levels:,-study-finds-99746064.html

I've noticed avoiding seets help with my T levels and also overally feeling masculine. When I consume too many sweets I start acting and feeling kinda effeminate and my confidence diminishes in addition to making my POIS worse.

*L-carnitine and resistance training

I am actually high T but my SHBG was dx as too high and I had symptoms of low T despite having high T like putting too much fat and losing body hair. Also some citation:

"There might be plenty of testosterone in the blood but without active receptors, the symptoms of an androgen insufficiency may still occur:

Increased body fat around abdomen

Reduced libido
Loss of body hair
Hot flushes and sweating

Increased risk of insulin deficiency
Weaker bones and increased risk of osteoporosis"
I basically had all of the bolded. :)

The androgen receptors POIS connection must be studied more thoroughly.


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Re: I think I found the cause of my POIS: Problems with the androgen receptors
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You might be onto something. I have little doubt that some combo of androgen/neurotransmitter/hormone is behind this.

I'd like to hear more about your humic acid use


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Yes, I can confirm it for sure now. I Od yesterday and while I had a small flare for about a few hours it disappeared after doing some pull ups in the park and taking a huge dose of a supplement said to boost androgen receptor sensitivity. I know it's the androgen receptors as I got hairier chest, arms and legs at age 33!

Edit 2 Other things that might be involved:
Serotonin (I have too MUCH of it)
SHBG - mine is high
DHT - supplements that boost it make me feel manlier and calmer


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I was able to take a prolactin inhibitor and hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and they help.
Also if you're like me make sure to avoid Aswaganda, it made everything worse. It's overstymulating for the already taxed adrenals and made me hyperthyroid.
My hormones, receptors etc are all wacky after Ashwaganda, 5-HTP, antidepressants. I used them not at the same time, but I feel like they damaged sth.


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I started treating pre diabetes with metformin. It has been a couple of months now. I still have pois but my baseline health and libido is much better. Before two orgasm will floor my libido and reduce my energy for more than one week. It is now taking a massive amount of orgasm to kill my libido and I can force myself to go to the gym after a goodnight rest. There is definitely a boost in the testosterone system somewhere.
My peeing at night has improved thereby improving my sleep. I think my immune system has improved to, bumps on the back of my head have cleared.  This is to hoping the solutions I try for pois have better effects now.