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What do I have???
« on: July 12, 2022, 04:13:27 PM »
I?m not sure where to start. I have an solid general idea what I am experiencing. I established the symptoms I was experiencing was related to pois or masturbation few months ago. I have posted few times on the sub reddit for pois on reddit. I knew that the bizarre symptoms I was experiencing over last yr occurred after masturbating. I identified it shortly after the symptoms initiated. However, the last ejaculation Ive had, I identified my penis changing in size and shape. I also felt less pleasure and felt an loss of the same sexual desire/interest. After my last ejacukstion, the following day I had the worst symptoms. It was like my brain and organs stopped functioning. My penis constantly releases semen involuntarily via using the toilet or aroused or sometimes when I am in a certain position and i constantly face wet dreams, . .It continued like that until I contracted covid. The day after I contracted covid, the slight mental energy and ability was diminished. However, some some symptoms varied as my penis has more energy and the size of the testicles and the shape has increased to an small degree. However, I can?t get aroused, and when I have an wet dream there is very few semen. My mind feels more disoriented and detached from my body. I can?t even form 2 words and I can?t process any speech. My penis enlarges more often which is due to certain positions when i lie down etc but it takes an lot longer for semen to leak and hardly any leaks which makes me assume I?ve gone a lot more weaker which is more apparent due to the other symptoms I am experiencing. I knew the new condition I was experiencing was related to spermatorrhea and I created an plan to rectify my condition as I established and understood the condition and how to manage it. But with these new symptoms I am experiencing after covid am perplexed as it has some white weakened and altered greatly fffom my previous condition after my last ejaculation.