Author Topic: Anyone tried consuming a sizeable amount of organs/offal foods for POIS?  (Read 101 times)


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Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone has tried eating organ/offal meats/parts of the animal (lung, kidney, liver, testicle, brain, spleen, bone marrow, etc) to heal POIS? Like I'm talking a sizeable amount, across the span of months/years, etc. Not just the occasional liver, etc.

Apparently these parts of the animal are extremely nutritious. Paul Saladino MD talks about how a lot of autoimmune conditions have been healed through carnivore (meat, organs, dairy, fruit, honey). Makes a lot of sense ancestrally too.

Recently I fixed some brain fog and mood issues I was experiencing through a simple B complex (this issue was independent of my POIS condition). Before this I ate a very diverse whole food diet which included eggs, steak, milk, cheese, vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, salad, bread, potatoes, seafood, etc. And yet I was still not able to get a sufficient amount of B vitamin nutrients to mentally thrive from that diet alone. Organ meats have high levels of bioavailable B vitamins, so it got me thinking, if I had just been eating some organ meats as part of my diet I likely never would have run into these issues in the first place (the brainfog and mood disturbances).

Is it possible organ meats contain essential rich nutrients your body may need to heal a condition like POIS?

I also find it interesting this topic has rarely been discussed on here or the POIS reddit.

I'm gonna play around with this to see if I can heal the root of my POIS. My POIS is pretty much a non-issue when I take fenugreek and garlic but it is still somewhat taxing on the body.
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    • a Chinese man's case and situation of all the POISers undergoing desenz in China
I have ever tried it, but a month ago high blood lipid was found in a physical examination (I am 22 years old and my BMI is normal, Considering that my transaminase is high, I suspect it may be related to some liver factors, but I have adjusted the liver to make the transaminase normal, but the blood lipid is still high. I am adjusting the blood lipid to see if it can be normal after a month, so I give up eating animal liver.)

A Chinese man undergoing desenz from 2021.8 to 2022.2, it became worse from 1.5 to 4.5 days, do not know it is spontaneous deterioration or by desenz. Believe POIS is a kind of immune diseases. My case: