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Microbiome test by Genova Diagnostics

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I'm about to order a microbiome analysis from Genova Diagnostics, via a local private doctor.

The specific test is called GI Effects Comprehensive Profile - Stool. It's fairly expensive at 6700 NOK ≈ 783 USD.

Has anyone had this test done? Any thoughts on it? Usefulness, scientific rigour, etc.

Get the GI 360 test through Amy Yaskos website it is better than the GI effects test (includes more stuff), plus you will get her feedback on what to take specifically for each bad bacteria imbalance. She reviews thousands and thousands of these tests so she knows exactly what supplement to suggest for each specific bacteria imbalance.

I've attached my test results bellow so you can see an example. In my opinion it is much more useful than getting a test yourself and then not knowing what to do about the results like I see with a lot of people on this forum. Or even through another doctor who probably wouldn't give as many suggestions for each specific bacteria imbalance.

For example she suggested Usnea for the ruminococcus gnavus overgrowth and this bacteria is related to the clostridia species which is one of the pathogens which can block the DBH enzyme (converts dopamine to noradrenaline) and my other tests showed DBH was inhibited. I tried a normal dose of the usnea and the immune response was very strong especially with my neurotransmitters while things like oregano oil don't really do anything for me. I am now starting again with a very low dose of the usnea and I am noticing a big difference in my neurotransmitters and functioning already. My bad kidney symptoms which I have had for months have also got better since starting the usnea.

Thanks for the suggestion. The tests look pretty similar at first glance, what are some specific things that are included in GI360 but not the other one?

The test I mentioned was recommended by a local doctor who is specialised in the gut microbiome and would be able to advise me based on the results.

I think it includes more pathogens via PCR so like salmonella, viruses etc. If I didn't have this specific test I wouldn't have known I had salmonella.

I was surprised by her suggestion about cilantro as when I eat it in foods I never noticed anything bad, however I started eating it raw in larger quantities and it provokes a very strong immune response: red feet and hands, rashes, enlarged veins, sore throat, increased mucus in throat and headache, brain fog and feeling weird.

It is also a heavy metal chelator.

I'm interested to see your levels of Ruminococcus gnavus as this showed an overgrowth for me and is strongly linked to lupus and other illnesses, I also have high ANA and other autoimmune antibodies

I cannot comment on the test vendors, but I can tell you that microbiome testing is KICK-ASS useful.  I have had a $79 dna sequencing for stool microbiome, it costs normally I think 149.  But do do get tested and share.   Make sure the company you get is willing to share the "raw data".  I personally do not trust anything in a report and like to knaw through the actual data.  My results are VERY atypical, I am still analyzing them before I speak out :)

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