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Warrior's (r/tteezzkk) POIS Solution, Experiments, & TheoriesI talk about POIS on my YouTube channel!Medical disclaimer: Nothing I do or say should be interpreted as medical advice. I am not a doctor. Always do your own research & follow anything I say at your own discretion. Consult with a medical specialist that 1) understands POIS, 2) is actually passionate about solving this problem and 3) one that you actually resonate with.
My updated POIS protocol for 2024 (98% symptom free):

--Animal-based diet (Paul Saladino) – food sensitivities have improved but at this stage, I still consistently feel the best on AB
--D3 serum levels (specifically from LifeExtension), at least 80ng/mL, possibly higher, take with K2 (ideally 1mg per 10,000iu to be safe, a brand without seed oils)
--SAM-e – periodic supplementation to replenish levels depleted from POIS
--B complex (specifically Nature’s Own Ultra B 150 Forte)
--Magnesium (L-theonate in the morning, citrate before bed - need to do more testing on both... but L-theonate gives me energy, while citrate makes me very tired. Magnesium is an important co-factor for D3 and important for a tonne of different functions in the body. So currently trying to elevate my long depleted serum levels.)
--Red meat (ideally ground beef as it makes me feel the best)
--Eggs (double edged sword as these are incredibly nutrient-dense, provided a lot of relief in the past, but these days can make me socially apathetic at times)
--Fenugreek & raw garlic (used to help a lot in the past but no longer appear to need them, but will keep them here seeing as they did help)
--Nervous system regulation - Kriya yoga pranayama - exploring cranial instability & vagus nerve exercises

BEST to WORST diets in ascending order for my POIS & food sensitivities:
1. Animal-Based (optimal - emphasises nutrient-rich animal-based foods while cutting out inflammatory foods. Very mild POIS symptoms.)
2. Perfect Health Diet (step up from #3, as cuts out ALL grains, legumes, etc - which are def inflammatory for my POIS, but still includes vegetables/plants/roots. Mild-moderate POIS symptoms.)
3. Gluten-Free (big step up from gluten, but still eating foods triggering inflammation - most likely veggies, gluten-free grains, etc. Moderate POIS symptoms.)
4. Normal diet that includes gluten (by far the most inflammatory/chaotic/drives my POIS symptoms to their MAX.)

Generally speaking, the more plant foods I eat, the worse my condition is. Gluten being the worst, followed by gluten-free grains & legumes, which is why animal-based is superior. I even notice minor sensitivities on animal-based, e.g., I seem to react to apples more than bananas. I also prefer to peel away the skin on all fruit if possible, adhering to Paul Saladino's strictest diet tier.

Since assessing these diets, I have made significant progress on my food sensitivities. These days I can tolerate non AB foods much better, but I still continue to feel my best on AB.

Master list of things I still need to try
My main objective these days is to improve my food sensitivities so that I can eat a normal diet. My food sensitivities and POIS appear to share the same cause. Despite significantly improving my POIS, I am ultimately still very motivated to cure POIS as I believe it would also cure my food sensitivities.

Old Posts
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Raw freshly minced garlic is a lot more effective than garlic pills

First tested fenugreek & garlic with a gluten-free diet on the 07/07/21. Started a gluten-free diet a few weeks/month prior. ;D

My old POIS symptoms (thankfully a thing of the past!):
POIS began when I was around 17-18ish (never had it before then). Symptoms included generalised anxiety (which created & intensified social anxiety), intense physical fatigue, brain fog, agitation, light body aches, for at least 3-5 days depending on how many releases. Severe body aches/pressures in first hour. These became exponentially worst the more I ejaculated in a short period of time. I would need to do 20 days of abstinence in order to ejaculate and not experience POIS. More recently, I have noticed frequent urination, diarrhea (inability to absorb fats it seems), and appetite suppression as additional symptoms to my POIS.

Thanks for posting. Lots of interesting stuff in your reddit post especially, thanks for that.

POIS & Food Sensitivity Experimentation List

NAC + quercetin immune therapy, explore high dosages, safe protocols, co-factor nutrients i.e., glycine, molybdenum, etc. I think NAC could be really powerful long-term for clearing POIS, biofilm disrupter etc.
High dose thiamine
Maca root (must be high quality)
Nervous system relaxation techniques i.e., kriya pranayama, cranial instability exercises, vagus nerve stretches, etc
Cranial instability, nervous system dysfunction
Pre-packs inc. niacin & nicotinamide (two different types of b3), fenugreek, raw garlic, and ceremonial grade matcha green tea, maybe include SAMe and eggs
NAC inc. co-factors
Cordyceps (must be high quality)
Apitherapy – bee venom therapy, propolis, royal jelly, etc
Reishi (must be high quality) *Do not try Lions Mane, r/lionsmanerecovery
Targeted immune therapy
Targeted “killing” therapy for infection, bacteria, etc.
D3 co-factors i.e., magnesium
Agmatine sulfate
Green tea/matcha
Shilajit appeared to make me depressed, very similar to how people describe cholinerginic induced depression
Omega-3 I feel worst after taking Omega-3, having tried various times and different brands
Nanna1 inspired immune stack inc. AHCC, propolis, monolaurin, Andrographis, beta-glucan, vitamin C, megaspore probiotic, IgG I stopped the immune stack as something was giving me strange eye symptoms that persisted for quite a while. Fortunately these symptoms mostly relieved after stopping, but this experience taught me that for future immune stacks, better to slowly ease in, taking only what is necessary & targeted, etc.
Vitamin C IV
Liposomal Vitamin C Feels very similar to how AlphaGPC makes me feel. Stimulating, almost like a small caffeine hit, but mildly depressing. Regular ascorbic acid is preferred.
High-quality Shilajit (like lotus blooming herbs)
Comprehensive nutritional testing (NutriStat) -> Testing Nutritional Status by Chris Masterjohn, supplement deficiencies accordingly
Plug typical diet into chronometer & identify and nutrient deficiencies. Focus on & satisfy these in the evenings through food sources.
Sea moss & mineral complex
Oriveda cordyceps & reishi
Apitherapy (bee sting therapy, raw propolis, Brazilian beef propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen, etc.)
Agmatine sulfate
Medicinal supplements/herbs/foods like saw palmetto, maca, pine pollen, deer antler, oysters, tongkat ali, glutathione, NAC (w/ molybdenum, selenium, & glycine)
Thousands of Ayurveda herbs/foods/formulations
Research Ayurveda top revitalising foods/herbs/medicines/formulations
Use Claude AI to explore further leads
Low saturated fat animal-based diet: I don’t think this would work long term. 1) It restricts variety i.e., no variety cuts of steak, on top of what already is a very restricted diet in and of itself 2) Eating lean red meat 5% ground beef burgers daily would get old very quickly 3) Cutting out Greek yoghurt, which is one of my favourite AB meals is again beating on this point of restricting foods in and already restricted diet 4) I think a better strategy is obviously not unnecessarily eating saturated fat while doing everything I can to master the topic of cholesterol and reduce all of my risk factors for CVD, religiously checking all appropriate blood markers including fasting insulin, C-reactive protein, inflammatory markers, LDL ratios, etc and doing dexa scans (coronary calcium scans etc)
Neuro-Mag (magnesium L- Threonate) for cognitive function & boosting magnesium
Mineral complex’s, sprays, etc.
Pink himilayan salt
Caution: Some supplements like certain mushrooms i.e., Lions Mane, or adaptogens i.e., ashwaganda can have some very nasty side-effects. Visit r/LionsManeRecovery to hear stories of how Lion’s Mane has completely ruined their life. The point being is that exploring supplements carry risk. Always be extra careful especially with plant based supplements. Minerals and vitamins are generally safer at appropriate dosages.
Mineral supplements e.g., “Super Max Mineral Complex”

Strategic prioritisation:
•   POIS is most likely an infection of the CNS
•   POIS is an immune inflammatory disorder
•   Treatments I am most bullish on inc. bee venom therapy, acupuncture, and immune/viral/bacterial holistic treatment
•   Supplements most bullish on inc.

Bought a garlic mincer, and oh man.

This bad boy. https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/koncis-garlic-press-stainless-steel-60173564/

Recommend to those who take garlic for POIS  ;D

warrioronthetrot: I've used that bad boy for years. Wonder if the allicin is forming as much when you squeeze the garlic as when you are cutting it.
Do you take the raw garlic every day as maintenance or just before and after O?


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