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Recovered from POIS
« on: August 14, 2021, 11:05:02 PM »
Dear POIS Forum

Having suffered POIS for many years and now completely recovered. I am interested in helping men to recover from this condition.

Currently, I am 40 years old and living in New Delhi, India.

For me it required understanding my condition and realising my habit of sexualising/objectifying women and replacing it with being nice to them. It required me to understand self-pleasure as a natural part of my daily habits.

I can enjoy masturbation without any worries and if I can then any man do it.

Masturbation used caused me guilt and feeling of shame and a lack of self-worth. You can change your mindset and naturally enjoy your sexuality. I now enjoy masturbation as a daily routine and carry on my daily work as if nothing happened. In fact, masturbation now makes me feel more at ease with myself and happier.

Anyone who is interested in overcoming the shame and guilt associated with Mastrubation and enjoying it can contact me through this forum. I'll be more than happy to share my struggles if they help you.



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Re: Recovered from POIS
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2021, 09:37:13 AM »
Dear Victor

That's great to hear! In my case POIS-symptoms seem to be exclusively triggered in the moment of orgasm and not when stimulating without climaxing. Was it the same in your case, and can you perhaps tell us a bit more about how you stopped feeling shame/worry etc. during masturbation and maybe especially during orgasm?

All the best


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Re: Recovered from POIS
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2021, 09:40:36 AM »
I'm glad you found something that worked, but I would caution against promising others a cure. The forum often has the newly converted who find something that works for them and they assume it will work for everyone. Whether that's SSRIs or garlic or dealing with promlematic relationships with women, the years of information on the forum shows that effective treatments may differ greatly depending on the underlying factors and individual variation. That's in addition to the sensible 'it needs to work for at least 3 months' rule before something is reported.

Many of us see no difference between POIS caused by sex or masturbation, and I would guess many of us have no history of objectifying women outside of the usual challenges of a patriarchal society. Some of us get the same symptoms from exercise, extreme temperatures, etc.

Please don't assume that what you experience is the same as what others experience. But I hope you're able to help others who experience similar issues.