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I believe I have POIS
« on: July 27, 2021, 08:55:57 AM »
I will introduce myself as my username, Fagama. I am 22 year old male with a very healthy life. I am a student-athlete (student at a US university, with a sport scholarship), and with a healthy and regular sexual life.

I learned about POIS today, and most of the symptoms presented by you guys is the ones I have.

I notice something different with my body like a month ago ( but I remember having these symptoms at a younger age, like 14-15) but I never really thought it had relation with sexual life. Trough the time it got worst, that I had to include my parents in the conversation and talk about my symptoms. I am also a ?sex lover? person. I really enjoy masturbating, sex, and porn, couldn?t imagine my life without it.

The talk with my parents made it really seemed that I have a gastrointestinal problem, maybe intolerant to some food, ate something bad, or something like this. I will likely go to a doctor next month and see if he can help me, but I will not mention POIS yet.

The symptoms I have I actually never related  it to orgasm or ejaculation yet. My last window of symptoms was last week, and that day I started my day with a masturbation and my symptoms lasted for 5 days.

My symptoms:
The biggest and most annoying one. Happens every morning if I have an erection, and it can last from 1 day to 7 days. (My max of days with it.
Usually comes with the goosebumps, no fever presented, and even with the weather over 90 (30C) I still have it. Cold environment makes it worse, but I also get hot and cold sometimes, especially when I am felling cold but its hot outside.
The main symptom that made me think it was something gastrointestinal. Its not always present but I started having it more now. My diet is  pretty ?complete? much better now, especially with the season coming, but I know I lack on fruits. I do drink alcohol.
No pain, no gas, no need do defecate. Just that weird anus discomfort, sometimes feel like its wet, but its not. Usually its together with an erection or semi erection.
My erection is pretty good and normal, never had a problem, no pain no nothing. Sometimes is just too long, but nothing that complicates my daily life. Sometimes erection or semi erection comes out of nowhere with my fatigue, yawning, and chills/goosebumps.
I have bad sleeping habits, but even when I have a good night of sleep I started noticing that around 3-4 pm i start yawning a lot, but my body is not tired.
Always had this, not a problem but is a symptom. Usually have it for no more than 5 min
Always had this, a little annoying, but not a problem.

- I also have terrible memory and problem to focus but not sure if is related to this.

As I said I pretend to test if is related to orgasm and ejaculation later this week. I haven?t masturbate since last week dues this discomfort I have. I also have and upcoming vacation trip with my partner where sex will be inevitable and will help me monitor this.

Im glad to see I am not alone in this, and I pretend to study this more and be able to not only help myself, but everybody in this forum.
Thank you for this space to talk about this.


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Re: I believe I have POIS
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2021, 10:49:35 AM »
Welcome to the forum, Fagama.
Take your time and see how your symptoms appear and disappear, in relation to your sexual activity.

If you are used to orgasm often, maybe just lowering the frequency will be enough to eliminate most of your symptoms.

On the opposite, you may see, like most POISers, that symptoms are cumulative with consecutive ejaculations during the same POIS attack.  This means that, if you had the first ejaculation, and a few days later, still having symptoms from this first episode, you ejaculate again, symptoms will "pile up" and be worse than with just one ejaculation.
For you, this would mean that it would be better to wait a few days, that your chills and goosebumps, had stopped, before engaging in any further sexual activity.  Chronic memory problems and difficulty concentrating may be related to that - you would have to abstain for a few weeks and see the difference.  Some members also had problems with frequent use of porn and porn addiction, and have successfully got their habit under control, in order to lower most of their symptoms. 

Inflammation in the guts is discussed in many threads, on the forum.  Many members have to carefully control what they eat, and many are investigating topics like leaky gut syndrome and intestinal flora.   For example, see, in the POIS Types Chart, at , at #7, different diets that that some members use to control their POIS symptoms.

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