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I'm new here. Brief TLDR bio:

Male. 32. Married. I have noticed POIS symptoms since 2012. Grew up masturbating to sexual content in magazines/digital content since I was 7. Almost always multiple times per day until three or so years ago. Life improvement with reduction of sexual stimulation (no xxxx, right?). POIS is worse from PMO than it is from sex with my wife.

I began exercising consistently a few months ago. That helped tremendously with POIS symptoms for awhile. I would time sex the day before my next high-intensity weight lifting session and things were okay. Then I began getting severe chest pain. Thought it was acid reflux, took stuff for that, no change. Got scoped, no hietal hernia or anything like that. The DR told my wife after the ECG "ma'am let's put it this way, it's the end of the month, and your husband is the healthiest patient I've seen all month." I'm sure you guys have heard that before when trying to get treatment.

All the other general biomarkers for heart health are normal and good to go. I've suspected POIS and frequent exercise may be playing a role here in this new symptom/pain. I can hear faint gurgling noises in the area and I'm beginning to suspect fluid retention in that area. Has anyone here had similar experiences? I'm planning on finally doing a 100-day no orgasm fast combined with a very strict diet protocol that I've wanted to do for years and years. I'm a few days into that.

I'm fed up with all of this and ready to heal. Whether my choices to heal are correct or not, I need to feel like I'm doing something to help myself. I'm not a huge fan of allopathic medicine when the treatment is not obvious. I'm watching my mother go through a 3rd round of cancer and the medicines they give her... that's no way to live.

I'm open to anything you guys have to say, suggest, or share. This may not be POIS-related but I know this is the place to find out.


Welcome to the forum, Forestdweller64!

Thanks, Demografx. Glad to be here. I've lurked for years -- tried a few of the suggestions. I really value what's going on here. I like how people from all over the world are coming together to share their experiences and what has/has not worked for them.

I feel like POIS has really altered my life course so dramatically that it's hard not to still be angry with the entire sexual part of our lives as human beings. Still working on finding the right answers for me!

Welcome to the forum Forestdweller64, and good luck on your journey! :)

Hi there! Maybe you started to exercise a bit too tough. Your heart muscle might not be ready for this if you had a sedentary lifestile (plus the POIS inflammation) for a long time. I also get pain in the chest when starting to run and a analysis showed that I had a smaller heart valve that I should have. You should continueing to be physic active but advance slowly to more intense training that makes your heart beat faster. Do you have problem with bloating or gas?


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