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Re: San Diego Sexual Medicine's POIS Research / Kit' Case
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@Kit: I used codeine because I had a bad experience the second time I took Tramadol (seemingly serotonin symptoms). However I don't take codeine often (I did so only two times, in fact), because I somewhat fear tolerance in the long run, and also because it causes me constipation (like all opioids) while I'm already constipated ordinarily. So most of the time I only take Paracetamol after O. (My trials with both Tramadol and codeine were with brands associating them with Paracetamol; Paracetamol alone is already rather efficient [50 to 80% symptoms reduction], but not as much as with opioids [100%].)
Hi Prospero, sorry for the very late reply. I’m glad to hear you at least found something that has given you 100% relief and it is unfortunate that is not something that could be used in the long run, but I think that was for the best. Yes I do believe that Paracetamol is pro-cannibinoid. In the past couple months, I tried Tylenol 500mg and 1,000mg within 1-2 minutes after O, and I did not feel a significant change in my POIS symptoms. I took the Tylenol a little bit before bedtime, and I woke up feeling the same as if I had not taken anything. (brain fog, foggy feeling in the head, lightheadness muscle weakness etc.) I will keep experimenting with other relief methods and report here.
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