Author Topic: Got potential semen infection (after UTI), could this be the cause of POIS?  (Read 2061 times)


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I've my semen analysis done and the report shows pus and rbc along with other abnormalities. Before this my urine report showed a rare and severe infection causing bacteria Morganella Morgani. This bacteria is resistant to most antibiotics and needs to be treated intravenous. Can this be the cause of my pois?
P.S. I tried Niacin for the first time and have 30-40 percent reduction in my symptoms.


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Could the pus and RBC mean there is leakage from somewhere which could be causing bacterial spread and inflammation?


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  • Use Adaptogens and Antioxidants, they can help.
From personal experience, everytime I have an UTI I take Angocin.
Then it's gone after 1 day.

I mentioned it before here, it's quite magical:

My theory is that all infections get worse on orgasm, but are not the root cause of POIS.
No idea what the root cause is, but something about genes, hormones, mast cells, gut and infections :-( So..everything in your body.


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Attached in the pic bellow is the same rash that I get frequently when I have this horrible infected type feeling in my body and brain, these small red circles pop up all around my neck, arms and shoulders. I always thought it was because of some type of bacteria but now this picture of the rash said it's a "Vesiculopapular rash associated with Rickettsia parkeri rickettsiosis" When I have inulin which feeds bacteria more of these pop up and I feel bad as well.


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Are there pus in them sometimes? Could it be acne bumps? I always get acne on pois and some spots just get red without pus.


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Did you ever treat for this infection?  What was the outcome?

I just got a stool test back showing an overgrowth of this same Morganella bacteria.