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POIS enhancing foods
« on: December 28, 2020, 11:54:36 AM »
Some foods evidently enhance POIS, but this is not an actual food allergy. They also act the same in the chronic phase, but in the acute phase the impact is more severe. There are foods that act quickly (like in an hour), but others act only by next day or as long as it is in my body. Unfortunately I couldn’t get myself into a rigorous selective diet and also haven’t documented all separate symptom enhancement, but they all generally make me feel more ill. Medical tests didn’t prove lactose or gluten intolerance.

The list:
- paprika: I mean the normal, sweet variety. Even though it doesn’t contain capsaicin it still gives a burning feeling at the exit. Of course hot paprika is twice as worse. Also any food made from paprika even if cooked or fried, but interestingly if it is pickled it doesn’t seem to have an effect.
- tomato: First it makes me better. Shortly after (minutes) consuming it my blurry vision clears up and I can think more straight. As it moves along digestion it makes me a bit worse, but nowhere near as paprika.
- apple: same as paprika, but also makes me very hungry just as an acute pois onset.
A few years ago I often drank some diluted apple cider vinegar before going to sleep and I usually woke up much fresher without the pronounced brain fog. The reason I stopped using it is that somehow I tend to forget about good methods. :) It seems likely that fermented apple only contains the good components of apple (most probably quercetin) and not the ones that make me ill.
- apricot: the fruit and jam also, the red eye symptom is especially bad which is usually accompanied by morning ocular photophobia.
- cherry: red eye symptom. It also contains melatonin, but not sure of its involvement.
- banana: red eye symptom by next morning even though banana contains tryptophan which would theoretically lessen this symptom.
- peach: usually needs a greater amount for an effect.
- strawberry: seems to have a very mild effect
- poppy seed: acts quickly and long, same burning effect. Needless to say that eating poppy seed cake with cherry as one would usually do makes me very ill. Cetirizine may only have a mild effect on POIS, but it may greatly reduce the effect of some foods. I haven’t tested this idea extensively, but I ate poppy seed a few times without any problems while taking MACA and Cetirizine.
- wallnut: generally feel bad, interestingly has a slighter effect when eating continuously, but not eating it for a time, then starting again has the same severe effect.
- sour (pickled?) cabbage: quite severe, but interestingly normal cooked cabbage doesn’t really have an effect, although it seems I can lose weight overnight by gorging myself with (meat and rice) stuffed cabbage, which is funny.
- whole bread / graham bread: Enhances POIS symptoms. Especially if eaten with foods like paprika. Stool is sticky and burning which I think is a sign of disbacteriosis and disfermentation. I also can’t eat normal bread as I get constipated and my gut aches. I found that I can at least eat rye bread and German wheat/spelt in moderation without problems. German wheat has a high tryptophan content which might have something to do with it. I also don’t have any problem with soft buns or croissant, so I don’t think it is a gluten matter at all.
- red wine: Really the only thing I can drink, but this also makes me the worst. Consuming a greater amount (I don’t remember, but maybe half a bottle or a whole bottle) can cause a burning diarrhea.
Its strange that it contains serotonin and I still feel bad.
- coffee: Clearly enhances the disease, especially the red eyes and the chest pain when it occurs at the time. Without sugar or with milk (even if sugar is added) has a slighter effect. It seems a controversy, but I still drink it as it helps bowel clearance. I noticed if I can’t go to the toilet in the morning and do physical activity at work I often develop a serious headache supposedly because high toxin concentration in the bowel.
- cinnamon: there is no stomach ache as in allergy, it just enhances POIS. Red eye symptom can be bad.
- clove (I mean the one that is used with biscuits and not garlic): like cinnamon
- thyme: like cinnamon
- milk: I don’t have a noticable problem with it (I don't drink more than a litre daily). Yogurt can have a dual effect. Although lactase ensyme (5000 FCCU) has a minimal positive effect, I wouldn't say it worth serious consideration. Contrary to this after going home from the negative lactulose test it gave me a severe itchiness at the bottom, but without diarrhea, so disbacteriosis still must have occured. This is one of the reasons that I think that lactic acid must be involved.

In my experience if it gives a burning feeling or a red eye symptom or a morning ocular photophobia or enhanced blurriness than it is surely a POIS enhancing food.
Morning ocular photophobia can occur with normal acute POIS, but can be especially bad after some food. Photophobia has a slight relationship with red eye symptom and a certain one with light induced sneezing. The more serious cases can be accompanied with serious eye pain. This can also have a head-ache inducing effect.
An approximate intensity enhancing order would be apricot=sour cabbage > cherry = banana > apple > peach > strawberry

Maybe list:
- pearls seem to have a cleaning effect even if it creates a severe flatulence, but it can also make things worse if taken with another enhancing food. At once I had a very severe illness (POIS episode) when I ate pearl, banana and grape together.
- tangerine: it seems to cause severe flatulence, but doesn’t really have an effect on POIS, although it makes me a bit less foggy, but I rather avoid it.
- watermelon: Can be both good and bad. If consumed in consideration it has a good effect, but too much can cause severe sometimes burning diarrhea. As of late I tried to eat the inner hard side of the shell as it supposedly contains citrullin. I found that it might be a little good, but needs further testing.
- grape: I am not sure. It sometimes make me feel much worse, while sometimes nothing happens. I still need to test this more. I seem to have a problem with raisin too, but mainly flatulence.
- egg barley (pastry): I have a suspicion that it can induce inflammation, but not confirmed. Also other pastry don’t have any effect.
- tea: teas are very controversial. I haven’t had the time to sort it all out. Some good quality black tea without anything added can surely help sore throat. I also consume medicinal teas, but usually mixed. Some tea can make me better, while others rather worse, but it is also not always evident. So far I think that lemon-balm actually helps.
- cheese: I am not sure as I only consume small amounts, but it doesn’t seem to have an effect. One thing I found is that it can make me prone (not always, but seemingly more often) to nocturnal emission, which is quite bad itself. Maybe no wonder it is called an aphrodisiac.
- cauliflower: gives me a severe flatulance, but I don't think it actually does anything to POIS.
- mushrooms: I am often ill of it (gut ache), but not always. I also don't think it is POIS related.
- egg-plant: I am defenitely ill of it (gut ache), but I also don't think it is a POIS related thing.
- chestnut: gut ache, not POIS I think
- household biscuit: gut-ache, not POIS related

White list:
- spirits: I don’t have much experience as I don’t like them, but small amounts don’t have an effect.
- sugar: At acute disease onset my energy craving is so enormous that I often eat a lot of sweet stuff. It might not be good for my health, but it is also a wonder I haven’t developed diabetes yet.
- sunflower seed (raw) and its derivatives like oil and margarine doesn’t do anything to POIS.
- cocoa: I actually feel a bit better after consuming. Might be its serotonin content.
- potatoes
- rice: in itself not, although consuming it with cinnamon or paprika might have a slight enhancing effect. Maybe pectin is involved.
- corn
- cucumber: neither raw nor if pickled has an effect. If it is sour I feel worse, but I don’t think it is a POIS effect.
- bean and lentils: although flatulence is not a good feeling at acute POIS onset, but they also contain tryptophan and they can seemingly shorten the acute state.
- meat: I haven’t found any meat type that I am worse of, but I am not really fond of meat. I eat it if there is, but I can also do well without it. I also don't have a problem with sausages which makes me wonder about histamine.
It seems to me that I don’t tolerate fat so well, as sometimes eating a bit of beacon can cause a slight, but prolonged (few hours) heart ache. The strange thing is that POIS or ejaculation for that matter can alleviate this problem. As I get very hungry after O, it seems to me that energy reserves are used up at an accelerated rate which also causes a kind of clearance even if a foggy hell is its substitution.
- ginger: First I was suspicious because of its burning taste, but I thought it helped a bit. Its positive effect became very clear when consumed it after (MACA+Cetirizine) as it gave a clear benefit.
- pea: a little suspicious, but not in regard of POIS I think
- carrots
- vegetable (root)
- radish
- beetroot
- lettuce
- rumex
- spinach
- pumpkin
- onion: raw and cooked, but I have a suspicion that raw onion can make me susceptible to tonsillitis. I had it every year for at least thrice with a duration of 1-3 weeks sometimes only 1 clear week between and I think I often ate raw onion before it happened. I wanted to verify this by stopping to eat it. Actually I haven’t had it for more than a year now, but as coronavirus struck we also wear mask almost every time so it could be only that as well.
Actually I feel better from raw onion, but I somehow forgot about it as I have a somewhat paranoid fear of tonsilitis. Maybe I should pickle some red onions and see how it works.
- garlic: I didn’t notice any effect, although I haven’t really tested it extensively. Although I have a suspicion that garlic scent is more prolonged for me than others for the same amount consumed.
At a time someone brought us pickled garlic and it didn't cause this all permeating odor. Recently my mother got this bottle called apple cider vinegar fermented on garlic bed. Sometimes I add a little to my usual tea and it seems like it gives a real extra kick to it. Most probably because it is loaded with quercetin from both apple and garlic.
- eggs: I didn’t notice any effect.
- broccoli: it can make me feel better
- coconut: no effect
- raspberry: I don’t think I have a problem with it or not perceptible.
- blueberry: I think I feel better because of it.
- honey-dew melon
- nut, hazel-nut
- lemon
- orange

Also of note that eating only from the white list won't make POIS disappear as I also had POIS with a clear bowel. It just won't really enhance POIS symptoms already present.
Whole bread made me suspicious of fibers, but based on this list it can’t be that. The list also made me suspicious of esters as fruits have high and diverse content. I wanted to test if papaya has an effect as it also contains a lot of esters and could serve as a confirmation, but I couldn’t yet. It also doesn't seem like every ester would be involved. Other things that can be involved are fructose, lactic acid, B6 vitamin, magnesium or something entirely different.
Another consideration that should be taken is that some foods may contain compounds with both good and bad effect.
This list is a good approximation, but I wouldn’t say that everything is 100 % tested out. Recently I have gained so much new knowledge on POIS that I think I should retest everything and do a serious revaluation retrospectively and document everything before I forget it. This might also take years especially if I have to stop now working medicine in order to have a clear "foggy" view.
It is very important to note that I view POIS based on my personal theory and I see it much more subjectively than others. So the actual effect might be the same only its estimation what is different by my aspect.

It is rather strange that fermentation could take away the POIS enhancing capability of both apple and pepper (paprika), but it can add it to cabbage. This may worth further investigation.
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Re: POIS enhancing foods
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2020, 11:58:37 AM »
Medical tests didn’t prove lactose or gluten intolerance.

Try SIBO and MCAS testing.


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Re: POIS enhancing foods
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Progecitor, in your other thread you mention butyrate.

Stupid question, but what is your opinion on butter?
I often crave a lot of of it (compared to others)... (The good one by Kerrygold)

Regarding thyme and cinnamon: They can be used as antivirals(?), I wonder if there is some kind of immune activation going on for you there? (I'm not a biologist)

Regarding coffee and bowel clearance etc: I love coffee for the mental effect on POIS and the bowel clearance. I also have the feeling that "poo being stuck" in the body has some bad effects, like my metabolism is not working and I feel weak. Maybe even bad things going into my blood stream etc. Maybe this thread interests you: