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Over the last year, I have engaged a lot in the POIS communities here on r/POIS and on the and also have made posts on other subreddits, discovered people who talked about POIS symptoms but did not know that it is a thing and they could have it and overall have spread information about POIS and so far have discovered around 20 people who did not know they have POIS and realized that is what they have had all this time along and when they read about it they realized that they have the Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome.

I have utilized many strategies to increase the awareness of POIS and discover undiagnosed POISers and here I will lay out the main things that everybody can do in order to increase the awareness of it and the odds of undiagnosed POISers discovering that is what they have instead of them having to suffer for years not knowing why or what causes those symptoms and then them spiraling in to the path of the fear and neurosis regarding sexuality while their root cause of POIS still remains untreated which is what has happened for many POISers and I myself too at first thought it was due to PMO itself or that everybody experienced those symptoms however when I found the POIS communities and thought more about it I realized the majority of people probably do not have those symptoms so in order to help more undiagnosed POISers here are the strategies that I have utilized or plan to utilize and that you can utilize too:

Look for blogs, wikias, websites etc. where posts and pages about sexual dysfunctions, NoFap, causes of brain fog and causes of symptoms that POIS can cause too etc. are found and if you have the means to add POIS to those websites of course abiding by that site's rules and in relation with the context of that page e.g. some site talks about NoFap and how those benefits are not scientifically supported and then you notice that nobody has posted or commented about POIS being the reason that some might think they experience the NoFap/Semen Retention benefits because when they abstain their symptoms start disappearing so they might think they have the superpowers - in this way if somebody who has POIS but does not know that and searches about NoFap and whether masturbation has side effects and such they could come across the information about POIS being a thing and thus they would finally understand that and feel more mental relief by being aware of that.

Post on other forums, subreddits, communities about POIS and your experience with it, include links to studies and researches and if you want to you can write about reasons why POIS might be and what has worked for some and so on especially if there is a website which in some way relates to POIS e.g. a brain fog related community then you can post in there about how you have brain fog and orgasming for some reasons is one of the biggest triggers for that etc.

Reach out to blogs, news sites and any forms of media and tell them about POIS and your story and experience about it especially health and sexuality and sexual health-related websites would be the most likely to be interested in publishing those articles about that, this will increase the number of times POIS related information will appear on search engines when somebody searches about brain fog after orgasming and masturbating and such, the more POISers who are not aware of having it discover about it being a real thing the more POISers can be helped and the earlier that can be done.

Message people or post comments when somebody makes threads about "PMO and relapse symptoms" if they seem like POIS ones and link them to r/POIS and the as I often see many POISers who are not aware that it is a thing on the NoFap, Semen Retention and other such related subreddits and communities, I believe one of the reasons how NoFap and abstinence related communities grew larger is because of an amount of POISers who are not aware of it being a real physical disorder so those people thought if orgasming causes it then orgasming itself is the reason why so if orgasming is abstained from the negative symptoms disappear thus the super powers appear, that is also why many people might mock or not understand why some say they get benefits from abstinence because they do not have POIS so for them there never was this drastic difference in terms of brain fog etc. whether they abstained or not and by increasing the awareness of POIS people are more likely to realize that when someone says abstinence gives them all of those benefits that it could be due to POIS.
Utilizing all of those strategies together has already increased the publicity and the awareness of POIS being a real physical disorder and continuing doing all of those strategies will increase the awareness about POIS even more and could contribute to several people's quality of lives being saved due to them discovering the real reason for why they have had those symptoms especially when they find some POIS treatments that work for them and enable them to live a fully functional life free of brain fog and all other negative POIS symptoms, together we can increase the amounts of success regarding treating the POIS and finally let the world know that for probably decades many people have suffered from brain fog and many other negative symptoms from a normal and healthy body function.
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