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If you or someone you know experience unusual symptoms after sex/orgasm/ejaculation , and you are not sure it could be POIS or not, here is a rather large list of symptoms that can be POIS symptoms.  This POIS symptoms list is based on what our members have shared. Of course, nobody has all of these symptoms, only some or many of them.  Usually, but not always, a POIS sufferer will tend to have the same symptoms from one POIS attack to another.  However, intensity may vary.  Also, over time, some symptoms may disappear and some others may appear.

You will also notice that POIS symptoms tend to regroup in clusters or groups. For example, there is a cluster of cognitive symptoms, another one of flu-like symptoms, etc.

After consulting this list, you may also like to take a look at the 5 preliminary diagnostic criteria, as established by Dr Waldinger ( see at ), to help you better understand what POIS is.

POIS symptoms list

Allergy-like symptoms

- Watery/itching/burning eyes
- Runny nose
- Sneezing
- Local swelling (groin, prostate,  or tail bone)
- Anal itching
- Overall itching
- Hives/rash
- Eczema
- Asthma
- Sinus problems ( including congestion, pressure felt in the eyes )

Flu-like symptoms

- General feeling of being ill, as in an actual flu
- Fever/perspiration/shivering
- Sore throat
- Joints pain
- Muscle pain
- Hyperalgesia/nerve pain/fibromyalgia-like pain
- Fatigue ++++
- Bad taste in the mouth/nausea

Cognitive symptoms

- Brain fog 
- Memory problems 
- Cognitive problem 
- Difficulty concentrating 
- Speech impairment   
- Slow thinking process (bradypsychia) 
- Dyslexia   
- Lack of mental focus   
- Insomnia / hypersomnia / sleep pattern disturbance   
- Impaired problem-solving capacity   
- Inability to make decisions     
- Decreased work capacity   
- Poor task management

Systemic symptoms (neurological, muscular, dermatological, ...)

- Muscle weakness ( especially in the legs, and also "collapsing" face muscles giving a very tired
  appearance )
- Muscle twitch 
- Hypotension and related symptoms: reflex tachycardia, cold sweat, dizziness, exercise intolerance, orthostatic hypotension 
- Restless leg syndrome   
- Lack of coordination / clumsiness   
- Tremor and other motor disturbances   
- Neurological problems in the extremities (tingling in the palms and soles, burning sensations, or numbness in the extremities)
- Sensitivity to noise, sensitivity to light (photophobia) 
- Pressure felt in the eyes 
- vision processing altered 
- Headache 
- Dermatitis 
- Dry hair, dry scalp, dry skin 
- Redness on the skin
- Gums, oral mucosa, and throat problems (redness, pain, inflammation )
- Canker sores
- Stomach ache
- Diarrhea
- Abdominal cramps
- Change in bowel movements usual rhythm / change in stool appearance

Emotional/psychological symptoms

- Anxiety
- Fatigue ++++
- Irritability
- Social phobia
- Low self-esteem
- Emotional instability/mood swings
- Emotional intensity   
- Aggressiveness   
- Dysphoria   
- Obsessive-compulsive disorders (unfortunately, including compulsive masturbation, leading some members to a never-ending POIS state)
- Phobias
- Appetite disorders (anorexia/bulimia)
- Anxiety urination (frequent urge to urinate)
- Personality changes into an irritable and anti-social type
- Difficulties interacting with others/urge staying alone
- Feelings of loneliness and powerlessness
- Depressive mood
- Autism-like symptoms
- Impulsivity
- Paranoid thinking

If you think a particular symptom should be added to this list, just let me know.
And, if you think you have POIS, the best thing to do is to, first, refrain to ejaculate as much as possible, since it is what usually triggers a POIS attack.  Then, be sure to turn to a healthy diet, this has helped many members, and, browse the forum to find information that could help you get some relief.  Stay also tuned to the forum for the upcoming POIS research results.
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