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Mobile-ready , Responsive Themes , and Dark Themes
« on: December 29, 2020, 11:15:11 PM »
If you have problem either with the size of the characters on your mobile phone, or you have sensitivity to light and would prefer a dark theme, I have installed 2 new themes today on the forum.  I have also installed a modification that will make the default theme responsive  (meaning it will adjust to mobile screen size), so it will also help.
The first them I have installed is called "SunRise" and is very interesting, because it can be switched between light and dark mode at will, with a single button on top right of the home page.  It is also a responsive mode, so it looks good on mobiles or pads.
The other one, Boru, is a dark theme that also looks good to me.  I prefer the SunRise theme, but that will be an alternate dark theme for those who want another possible choice. This theme, like the previous one, is also responsive, that is, mobile ready and pads ready.

To change your forum theme, go to your member profile, then to Look and Layout  , Current Theme , Change ,    then go down and choose one of the new themes, and click « Use this Theme »,  When back to the previous page, click « Change Profile » at the bottom...and enjoy new theme !
As I said, those two new themes are responsive, so this will fix any problem with character size or other display problems on mobiles or iPads.

Note that that the default theme will stay the same as before, so you have to make the change to your own profile, and you will see the default theme when not logged in, like guests do ( unregistered visitors).  Current default theme will still be the default for new members too.
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