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If a doctor wants to purify my IgG4 and try it on a POIS patient then feel free to contact me (Or contact an admin). Specific IgG4 could have been induced by SCIT (which improved symptoms significantly):

Sublingual Immunotherapy: How Sublingual Allergen Administration Heals Allergic Diseases; Current Perspective about the Mode of Action

"In contrast to IgE, dynamic changes in the levels of other abundant classes of Igs, such as IgG and IgA, are often seen following AIT. Increases in serum IgG1, IgG4, and IgA levels in some cases were induced by SCIT in association with the improvement of allergic symptoms [6,10]. These Igs have the potential to inhibit IgE-dependent responses. IgE-mediated augmentation of allergen presentation from B cells to T cells was diminished on adding an IgG/IgA-containing serum fraction of allergic patients who received AIT [11], and was enhanced on adding an IgG4-depleting serum fraction [12]. IgE-dependent basophil degranulation was inhibited by IgG4 purified from AIT-treated patient sera [13]. It was shown that the allergen specificity, but not class or subclass of Igs, was critical in blocking IgE-mediated responses [14]. A weak but significant increase in allergen-specific IgG level, especially IgG4, by SLIT, has been reported in some clinical studies [7,8,15,16] but not others [9,17]. A decrease in the IgE/IgG4 ratio was observed following SLIT, which was correlated with the suppression of allergen-induced skin reactions and/or clinical symptoms in some studies [18,19] but not all [9,20]."
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