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Since I had the 1st dose of Pfizer, my symptoms have been changing.

3 months later, fatigue is worse and now my arms feel heavy and weak. It varies in intensity but it's worrying me.

I'm not having the second dose.

Now that I think back to the last vaccine I took. I had a flu vaccine in 2013 and had problems with strange muscle tears for years after so it might be that all vaccines affect me badly regardless of the technology.

@Simon66 Sorry to hear.

Hey guys. Had my first Pfizer shot. I was hesitant due to POIS & that I do have slightly lower neutrophils than usual on my past 3 blood tests (which span over a year & a half or so). I made sure that I wasn't in a POIS state at all, and allowed my body to reside in that non POIS state for at least a day. I also did some solid intense exercise (to sweat) the day before the shot because I wanted to make sure my body was in peak health lol. Took some OysterMax (zinc, selenium, copper, iron, vitamin b12) & some niacin. Took a ibuprofin right after coming out of my shot. Everything went fine. Had a slight sore arm at spot of needle (just felt like a bruise - like someone had punched me perfectly in that spot), felt some overall tiredness, and some body aches, all for about a day.


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